Riding boots - suggestions?

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  1. I'm in the market for black riding boots. I loved the ones from Lanvin last winter but am not so impressed w/ this yr's. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. If you're looking for actual riding boots for horse riding there's Königs, Cavallo, Pikeur and, of course, Hermès among others.

    For fashion riding boots, I saw some nice ones at Gucci, LV, Stuart Weitzman and Hermès also. I ended up buying a pair with lambwool inside to keep my feet warm. The boots ended up costing almost the same as Gucci even though they're not branded.
  3. Try Zappos.com. They have such an easy return policy. I just ordered two pairs, but my pregnant legs are so swollen, I couldn't even zip them up. boo hoo.
  4. Ann Demeulemeester.. from Barneys.com
  5. Burberry Prorsum has a great pair... check Saks online.

    I'm looking for a fabulous pair of riding boots myself!
  6. Tod's has a simple model that just screams COMFORTABLE @styledrops.com
  7. Bluefly (? or netaporter?) has some nice ones from Celine.
    I like this Fabi too (it's on eBay, pity 1 size too big:sad:):


    I think it's a good idea to invest in actual riding boots, they tend to have more refined cuts and are better made than ordinary fashion-boots. (Cavallos are TDF! :love:)
  8. Is Cavallos a brand name of riding boots? I need to buy some ASAP and I have no idea where to look. I'm all about authenticity so now you've gotten me interested in buying ACTUAL riding boots. What are some other good brand names?
  9. ^ oops chicbaba, you caught me out - I know precious little about riding boot brands! :shame:
    I've seen a Cavallo once IRL (years ago) and promptly fell in love; I was stalking a few pairs on German ebay in 2004 (they were €260-ish BIN, but I don't know the actual retail price...) They are Italian I think.
    The best is to go with La Vanguardia's list:
    I didn't buy the Cavallos after all because I have very high-arched feet (can't do pull-on boots :sad:) - if you're similar, look out for one with a rear zipper.
    Also, real riding boots come in different foot-widths and calf-widths within the same size, so you can have a really well-fitting pair.
  10. An actual riding boot to use for anything but riding isn't that comfortable. It's not the fact you've just got out the saddle after a few hrs that make you look like you're walking funny it's the boots.
  11. ^ that's very interesting! I always thought it was the saddle... Are these boots uncomfortable? They look so stylish!
  12. Is it because they are stiffer than ordinary boots? I used to wear one long-long time ago, and remember feeling a bit restrained after a few miles' walk. (But IMO still waaay more comfortable than heels, I could hardly walk even a mile in heels...)
  13. I don't know what it is about them. I guess to be really comfortable you would have to get an all leather hand adjusted boot (trimmed so it's not too long at the back just below the back of the knee or too high at the front). I think it would still take a while for it to be broken in fully and price wise it would be in excess of £500.

    My riding boots are leather tops only (for the amount of riding I do I can't justify an all leather boot) and they are too restrictive through the ankle to walk any great distances (a mornings shopping for example)