Ridiculously Uneven Vamps!!

  1. I recently purchased a pair of used, grey metal patent Ron Rons on evilBay, and they arrived this weekend. I took them with me to work to wear them around the office, but when I finally put them on and looked down at my feet, I saw this:


    Holy mother of pearl!! I've heard of millimeters of difference, but Lennon on ice skates, this is ridiculous.
    So I whipped out my ruler and measured. It's about a 1/4 inch difference between the two. No wonder the seller was selling these. It's not like she couldn't have noticed either, the wear on the soles + the toe pressing on the insoles was enough to know that she has worn these before. This may also be a moot/irrelevant point, but the seller sent the box with no label on it. :sad: I almost wonder if these are accidentally two different styles! Hahahaha!

    eBay-wise, I e-mailed the seller about 48 hours ago, and will probably do so again as I never would have purchased these had this been disclosed in the listing. No response yet. I'm so disappointed as these are a beautiful color (I'm a sucker for deep grey) and fit perfectly. Well, besides the obvious, anyway. *thunks head on desk*
  2. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't feel that this would be noticeable. But I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Ask the seller to accept a return if you're super uncomfortable with the way they look. Chances are she wasn't even aware.
  3. She really may not have known. My feet are slightly different sizes, and the left is a touch bigger than the right. I wouldn't have even realized it except the amount of "toe cleavage" I see depending on the shoe I wear can be more on my right foot than on the left.

    I honestly don't think it's that noticeable either. Is there room for you to put a heel grip in the left shoe to push your foot just a touch forward?
  4. These shoes are from two different pairs. Whether it is really noticeable to others or not, if it bothers you now, it will just keep bothering you.
  5. Holy crap, that is very noticeable. It would bother me too! Good luck, I hope you get your money back soon. :hugs:
  6. I am also sorry that you are disappointed and I hope that you and the seller work things out. To be honest, ALL of my shoes look like this because my toes on my left foot are longer than on my right. I don't mind it at all and would not in any way be bothered by the way your Ron Ron vamps look if they were mine. I agree that the seller may not even have noticed. Good luck!
  7. :confused1:

    How can you even tell with certainty that they're from two different pairs? They look like a match to me.
  8. honestly, i bet this is something the seller didn't even notice.

    personally, i never really notice if i have a difference in toe cleavage in my shoes, but i may pay attention now!
  9. Thanks, all, for your responses. :flowers:

    It's understandable that she might not have noticed --everyone's feet are different after all. It probably doesn't help that I'm borderline-Monk in OCD (it's a gift, and a curse) and tend to notice these things. I hope the seller and I can work it out, but she hasn't responded in two days to my "Did you happen to notice...?"

    I wish I could put heel grips in the left shoe, but I don't think they'll be very comfy. But thank you for the suggestion!
  10. The seller may not have noticed - especially if she wore these with hose - but I sure would have. I would definitely look for a partial refund or a return.
  11. Hm, never seen this before, and in fact I´m not sure what I would do. But if it bothers you, try to get a refund.
    I hope you get it sorted out soon! :smile:
  12. I have to say that it would totally bother me too. I'm very detail-oriented and I would notice that right away when I first tried it on. If I kept them, I would also probably constantly thing about it and if others notice and for that reason I'd end up not wearing them.

    Are you looking for a partial refund or a full return? I know you're probably just wishing she would acknowledge your email at all!

    Good luck and I hope the seller responds soon!
  13. There's no way I can keep them. :sad: It'll drive me crazy, haha, and there's no point in keeping them if I won't wear them. (I'm exactly like you, Celtic!) A full return it'll have to be! ... That is, if she does respond. I did e-mail her again, so we shall see.

    Thank you, all! :heart:
  14. Wow, yea i can see the difference..
    Hope things works out for you!
  15. Blimey, I feel that this is too much of a difference and would prob feel wierd when wearing. on the subject of differences between shoes, recently on eBay.uk there were a pair that were size 4 and 5.5 respectively.............no one has 1.5 difference between feet!!!