Ridiculous Trade offers?

  1. Has anyone recently recieved a "to good to be true trade offer" from a new member. Someone offered to trade a $1500 plus item for my $500 item. They are new with less then 5 posts. It all seems fishy to me. Of course I declined. If anyone else is getting similiar please PM me.
    Ladies, if it seems to good to be true...it is.
    Watch your backs!

  2. You wanna PM me w/ the 411 on them? I can check on them!
    You're right . . . if it sems too good to be true . . . .
  3. I feel a ban comming on.
  4. LOL! that's not a bannable offense. . . I don't think. . . but sure is a shady move!
  5. HMMMM people are weird
  6. lol, that does sound fishy
  7. I agree...
  8. People are a trip i tell ya lol
  9. GO SWANKY!!!!!! You're our own personal PF super hero, ready to swoop down and destroy spammers and posers!

    Its a bird, it's a plane.... no, its SWANKY!
  10. LOL! How'd you know she got the boot!?
    She spammed people via PM and on the Forum BTW - just to cover my butkis!
  11. I have been getting the same crazy spams on my ebay listings...one day I had to delete 13 "offers"!
  12. I have not had a trade offer, but offering to sell me LV Cerise items. The person had 0 posts. I just politely declined. :hrmm:
  13. that does sound very fishy. it's things like that and requests for photos that've been bugging me. just strange.
  14. People can be shady.. make sure to think and ask if you aren't sure.

    Did we give her the shoe in the rear??

  15. :weird: !!! They just want your photos so they can put them up on eBAY and call them their own bags!! CREEPS.