Ridiculous S&H Charges from MJ Boutiques


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Sep 13, 2006
I am so mad right now. After reading the many comments posted here about how wonderful the service at the MJ boutiques is, and how helpful all the SAs are, I am so disappointed & angry right now.

I have been looking for a small pouch to use inside my new Silvana bag, and saw the quilted zip pouches on ebay, which is exactly what I'm looking for. Someone here on the boards said they were $22 at the MJ boutiques. I figured I would just make a trip to the new MbyMJ store that opened here in Chicago, only to find out that the store hasn't opened yet, and won't be ready to open until sometime in early 2008. :sad:

So I called the NY store and found out they had the pouches (despite the numerous Sold Out & HTF claims on ebay!) and that they are $22. I was all set to order one of them, when I was told that the s/h would be $20!! WTF!?!? $20 to ship a $22 item that weighs less than 6 oz???? That's nuts (and the SA was less than polite constantly talking to someone else the entire time she was on the phone w/me!). I get flat rate shipping and they claim they use FedEx 2-day, but working in a law office that does A LOT of overnight shipping using FedEx, I know for a fact that companies pay less than $10 for FedEx 2-day shipping for items <1lb and we're talking about a pounch that would probably fit in a letter size envelope with 2 42 cent stamps attached!!!

I didn't get it from ebay because one seller is charging almost $40 + s/h for the color I want - another seller is charging $34, but then charges $10 shipping - the whole reason I called MJ in the first place was beuz I didn't want to pay the inflated prices on ebay and/or ridiculous s&h charges, only to find out that MJ's stores is charging even more ridiculous s&h charges!

I'm very disappointed right now, especially after hearing all the wonderful things about MJ boutiques & their Cust Serv - this has left a very bad taste in my mouth.:cursing::tdown:

thanx for letting me vent!


Jun 7, 2006
Yeah, the shipping rate is ridiculously high, but if you get lots of items it makes it more worth it. They've got t-shirts, flip flops, canvas bags, rings, necklaces, and pins(plus tons of other stuff) all for less than $20. Overall, it's still cheaper than buying it on ebay.


May 10, 2007
Thats what i paid when i ordered my wallets too. I thought it was insane. I work retail and the max is 10 bucks...i couldn't believe the $20 bucks either but i really wanted my wallets so i had no choice...:shrugs: I ordered mine from the SF store. The service was ok. i did receive my wallets pretty fast though...if that helps..:shame: