Ridiculous dillards return policy!!!

  1. I tried to return a make up item at a Dillards Clinique stand (outside of the dept store) different than the one I purchased from. The girl then told me I could not receive a refund onto my debit card (despite having my receipt). She wanted to send me to the actual Dillards store to receive my refund onto a gift card! I asked her why when I had my receipt and she told me that it was because I was returning to a store that was different than the original purchase. WTF??????

    I used to work at dillards and we didn't have this policy then. This is absolutely stupid!
  2. Oh hell no! I worked at Dillards too and they never had that policy. I bet she was using the same scheme that a former coworker used...she would tell customers that something was wrong with the receipt, register, item, etc., and tell them that it had to go on a gift card. If the customer agreed, she would return the item for cash, then ring up a gift card for the amount so she could get credit for the gift card sale. It worked for a few months before she was caught. It makes you wonder what the Clinique girl was up to...
  3. Ok, so if you purchase something at Dillards on vacation you're SOL if you want to make a return? :rolleyes:

  4. That's when I start asking for managers.
  5. that was just my problem. bought something while on spring break with my family, now i am far away from the store.
  6. That is seriously some BS. :nono:
  7. Sorry to hear that happened to you. Whats the return policy on the back of the receipt say? If it doesn't mention it I would ask for a manager and call out this issue.
  8. I will not shop at Dillards for this reason. I swear the two times I have returned something I have to go up to Customer Service to get it right. It is so annoying. But the policy you state seems to be wrong. I think you have 30 days and can return it anywhere. I returned online purchases...
  9. blah956 - I asked my Aunt about this, she is a Dillard's store manager and she said "what the associate told you wasn't true. She was being lazy! You can make a return anywhere, even without the receipt as long as you have the sticker on the tag". She said, at that point you could have asked for a manager. But I understand you were probably fed up with the associate...
  10. i don't get it. it isn't like i was trying to return a product they didn't carry
  11. IMO it's very simple.. she didn't want to "eat" the return.

    Returns are deducted from that day's sales totals...and can affect things like sales goals, commissions, etc
  12. i guess i really should speak to the STORE manager (not the cosmetics manager).

  13. Do it soon because after 30 days you're out of luck.
  14. Because Dillards uses scan tags on each item, the return is deducted from the original sals associate's sales total...not the person who did the return. I think she was either too lazy to do the return or she had a scheme going.

  15. ah ok.. I haven't worked retail in a while... thanks for the clarification and update!