Rider 24 reveal - is this too "lunch pail"?

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  1. Return and wait for SAS deals

    7 vote(s)
  2. Keep it it's different

    7 vote(s)
  1. I'm not sure on this. At first it was a heck no, but trying it on its kind of cool. The strap can shorten a little for shoulder wear if you hook the dogleash to the strap. Length is great crossbody, opening is neat and fits a nice amount and phone fits in the slip pocket vertically.
    What do you think? Too much lunch pail vibe? I tried to get different angles... And comparison to dinky 24 for size determination.

    Edit to say phone fits in slip pocket, but it's a struggle to get back out a d almost too tall.

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  2. I think it's cool and different. Too small for me, but I like the way it looks.
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  3. #3 May 15, 2019
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
    Frankly, I love it. But then again I like unusual bags and shapes like the Trail bag and Givenchy Pandora. That chain is super cool too.

    BTW I don’t know how much this cost, but if you love it, keep it if you can afford to. I think it is risky to wait and see if it goes on sale. Due to how unique it is, I wouldn’t think they would over saturate the market with the style real quickly.
  4. Thank you for the ++1. This won't go on sale anytime soon (I don't think) - even though I got it at Nordstroms for 30% off - but SAS is coming and there usually are a few things that pop up that I "have to have." Also I just added two bandits from FOS, the purple rouge 25 from a couple weeks ago's FOS and a Parker from Dillards :/ I can afford it, but always get that "how many bags do I need" guilty feelings when I add too many bags too quickly. I think I will think on it for now and see what SAS brings :smile: Also, I pulled a few bags from my "purse closet" that are NWT but never used to clear out so this may be a keeper. And I agree, the chain is really cool and I can use on other bags too :smile:
  5. Nothing on this past 30% sale caught my eye at coach, but you’ve now put this bag, that I didn’t even notice before, on my radar.

    The “how many bags do I need” guilt is real. I struggle with that often, so I get it.
  6. I like it. I think it's cool and different too.

    And I struggle with the "how many bags do I need" guilty feelings as well.
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  7. It is styled exactly like a Givenchy Pandora - Coach stole another style!
    - but I like it anyway
    It looks very luxurious inside and looks very nice on you
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  8. I like it better than Pandora. The design supposedly came from the archives, but I can't remember seeing a vintage Coach like it.
    Besides the unique design, it looks like it would be really easy to access all your stuff because of the way it opens.
  9. Just my 2 cents - I looks like a feed bag and not in a good way. I love Coach and their leather - but this is a hard No for me☺️
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  10. For me it would be a "no" because I prefer a crossbody to lie flat to my side as much as possible and not jutt out too much. But it looks really cool! I do not get a lunch pail vibe at all, but the shape does remind me of those cute old fashioned baskets fisherman used to carry and that is sorta neat. If it is a comfortable shape for you, I say keep it. The hardware is also very cool.
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  11. There's a lot of cool things about this bag, I just don't like the silhouette. If you like it, you should keep it. It doesn't look bad by any means.
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  12. That's the thing - from some angles it looks fine and from others I look like a drummer in a marching band :noworry: Also on the shoulder you can't really put your arm down without smooshing the bag...but I really like the opening and layout of the inside... Still debating.
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  13. Yes super easy to access everything and it is unique even to my collection since 95% of my crossbody bags have a flap opening.
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  14. I have a feeling if you feel that way, over time this won't be a bag you grab to use often. I don't love the bag--it looks great when not in use, but the way it looks in use is probably something that I would not love for myself personally. Yeah, give it some thought, and if you don't love it, you know there are other bags out there! lol

    Is that the dark turquoise dinky you have in your pic?
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  15. Thank you for the reminder about the other bags out there. Honestly there are only a few bags I've returned or resold that I've rebought later. Most are out of sight out of mind. I do have a love/hate relationship with the rogue tote though .
    That's actually a burnished forest 24. I almost bought the dark turquoise too, but they were too similar. Love the dinkys and am considering adding another in the regular size. Just have to find a color combo I don't already have in another style.
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