Riddle 2

  1. Okay, here is another riddle. It will be a lot easier than the last one, maybe not impossible!:P It is a med/hard difficulty.

    I went into the woods and got it. I sat down to seek it. I brought it home with me because I couldn't find it. What is it?

    The last winner was Irishgal. I does anyone want to challenge her?

    And sadly ladies, I don't think there is any way we can bring hot firemen into this :sad:!

    Good Luck! Enjlux
  2. A sliver?
  3. I think adraine got me,,, I was either going to say a splinter or a tick..haha
  4. Irish gal you have done it again!!!
  5. It was a splinter!!!!!
  6. Should I post another one? Or leave it at that? Irishgal do you want a hard one?? lol you are just too good!
  7. Heck yeah - these are too fun!!
    BY the way, just the mention of a tick, makes me feel all ookie, I'm glad it was a sliver!
  8. Oww..I hate ticks too. I had to take one out of Roxie, my dog, today. When ever she goes into the woods near my house she always gets them. They are a pain.