Riddle 1

  1. Okay, I love riddles. I have the page-a-day calender with riddles on it. I'm not sure if there is any1 else here who likes riddles also, I just thought I would post a riddle and see who can be the first to crack it!!:P
    Okay this one is supposed to be hard difficulty:

    You are in a room with no doors nor windows. There is only a mirror and table. How do you escape?

    Let's see if anyone can get it!!
    For first person who can..and they have not heard it before...I will personally announce to the PF they are the new Riddle Queen (or King) and hand over my tiara. :yes: :biggrin:

    Don't Answer if you have already heard this riddle! There will be another time to challenge the tiara!:graucho:
  2. I love riddles, but they give me anxiety..I guess my best answer would be some variation of ::
    Look in the mirror and you saw? Take the "saw", saw the table in half, two halfs make a "whole" or "hole", climb out the hole.
    Or maybe the same way you got in..haha
  3. This is probably really silly - but are there windows and doors there - ie is there just a door frame and window frame and therefore you can just climb/step out??

    I may have missed the point though :graucho:
  4. If there's no doors or windows, how the heck did you get in there in the first place?
  5. How would i of gotten in, in the first place ? :blink: So i guess i would use that to get out right ?????:huh:
  6. maybe there is no roof? so if no roof, i will use the table, n climb n get out of the the room...

    another question.. what is the room made of? if it is made of something edible.. i will start eating away.. hahahahahah
  7. How about if i was in the room and i called for help on my cellphone !!!!!!!! :amazed: and a big strong fireman rescued me. :graucho:
  8. hehehe prada, that would solve that problem.. hehe

  9. [​IMG]
  10. He can save me anyday!!! :graucho:
  11. wow...... well i am pretty sure he can help you out.. hehehe
  12. Okay, pull the table apart and use it for kindling to start a fire. Use the mirror to deflect the heat and burn one wall down. Of course you would probably die from smoke inhilation. Although CPR from the fireman above would be pretty nice.
  13. gosh, burning the room down.... well what happens if no one comes to rescue? then u r roasted.....
  14. I would choose to stay in the room. I'd enjoy the solitude and maybe even take a nap (on the table?). It would be a nice way to escape work and the kids for a while. Plus I'd have a good excuse since without doors and windows, I wouldn't be able to get out!
  15. It just occured to me that you would probably die in a room with no doors or windows. You would run out of air eventually.