Rickysnyc.com ~ 20% Off All Purchases Until August 31st

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  1. ^Thanks Bags! I was so sad when I found out a local beauty store stopped carrying Ricky's rubber hair clips...they're the only clips that will hold my slippery straight hair.
  2. ^Ugh! Standard shipping is $14.95 to CA. Need to buy $49 to get free shipping.
  3. ^^ Ouch! That's steep! I think I would find more that I wanted in order to avoid paying such an utterly rediculous rate!!
  4. ordered from them last time there was a special and great service, no tax for me, and everything came wrapped well.

    Will buy some stuff!
  5. Thanks! I was just running out of shampoo...will restock the huge 1liter bottle of Kerastase!
  6. i order from them last time they had a code also. they sent me someone else's order (complete with that person's invoice with their name and address detail) and then wanted me to pay to return it to them. i won't order from them again.