Ricky by Polo

When I first saw this bag I loved it for its timeless shape and classy look. No the prices isn't cheap but I think it'd be worth it for this bag.
Also comes in tan.

Loving the medium calfskin Aviator bag as well.

Pics 3&4 are of the hardware on the Ricky.


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:wacko: Ouch. For that you could get a Birkin, no?
The Ralph Lauren Ricky bag is 3500..maybe 3495 in leather. They have a hard leather which is kind of like Hermes box and a softer calf. The box keeps its shape and stands up tall the calf is mushier. They basically come in brown, tan and black The alligator are 18500. They come in gorgeous colors in brights and classic neutrals and are special order. Take about 3 months. They also have a few alligator around ...need to have the sales associates find out what stores. Was just in London...they had several in the Sloane street store but the dollars is weak to the pound so they are even more expensive.