Rick Owens Men's Boots (with wedges) opinions..

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  1. Hey, I'm not sure if anyone of you is familiar with this...but I would like to know your opinion on this new style of boots for men in general. They were featured in Rick Owens' Fall 2010 collection. What do you think??




    Credit to : luxuryobsessed.com
  2. I'd buy them for me if they made them small enough! (I'm not a guy)
  3. Thanks papertiger! But I mean, what do you think of it for guys?
  4. Rick Owens never fails to amaze me! They'r stunning!!
  5. whatever floats your boat. i'm totally down to wear them. for guys, girls, whatever, it's amazing. androgyny is so in these days.
  6. Thanks for the opinions onederland and llgin!! Maybe I might get them...they look nice on the models on the runway though.
  7. I think Rick Owens is timeless. If you rock that slightly edgy dark aesthetic, these boots will last you for years. It's obviously not something I'd pair with a pin-stripe suit and wear to a law firm, but if your general look reflects what RO, Ann Demeulemeester or similar designers produce, you can't go wrong with these and they should go with almost everything.

  8. totally agree.
    these boots aren't for the typical guy that wears t-shirts and jeans.
    it's a very specific look and if you have that same sensiblity- i think this would be a great addition to your collection.
    the very fact that you are thinking about these boots, to me signifies that you aren't the typical guy that wears hoodies and sneakers.
    i say go for it.
    i personally find these amazing.
  9. Thank you for your opinions slky and lyuen82!
    Hmm...I guess so far its getting positive feedbacks!
  10. LOVE them. i wish my SO would even consider something like this. i think you should go for it! the shape of this boot is so sculptural and beautiful.
  11. thanks for the comment courty!!
    But I wonder...what can you pair it with?? I'm finding a hard time to match it with clothes...
  12. I'm not friends with any fashion forward straight males who would attempt to rock these...

    ...I do however, have many gay male friends who would go crazy for these boots to wear with jeans, black or grey slacks.

    - I have no clue what your orientation is, but it doesn't matter... if you are confident and fashion forward enough, you could rock these - they aren't aesthetically my cup of tea but I think the right guy could rock them... I say go for it!
  13. Jeneen, I am straight and I have a GF :smile:.
    I guess I just like to look my best. As of now...I can only think of wearing something from Rick Owens or Margiela for clothing to match this...but my wallet can't handle racks and racks of RO and Margiela :lol:
  14. You could also go with Ann Demeulemeester or Comme des Garcons, but none of them are easy on the wallet. If you need to find a cheaper alternative, I'd check out All Saints. Their looks are very much based on the darker rock vibe of the Belgian and Japanese designers.
  15. thanks slky!! I usually wait for the sale at my local boutique for RO, Margiela and Cdg...unless of course its too irresistible! :graucho: but sadly they don't have the main stores here...hmm, would you think Balmain items would suit those shoes as well?