Rick Owens Lovers Thread

  1. Ive been searching high and low for my first RO jacket

    Ordered from Nordstrom without seeing it and it was a bomber style and so i ended up returning it.

    I need help.

    What are the different leather on the black classic.

    I heard the ff: please correct if im wrong

    plain black lamb
    washed black lamb
    washed and blistered black lamb?

    Im so confused as to what to get washed vs washed and blistered?

  2. bulletproofsoul - I LOVE that metallic one ! and you look HAWT! is it a recent one one? I've been wanting a metallic one for yonks! but not sure how it wears... how long have you had yours? any fading?

    btw DemiCouture & Annanas, I bit the bullet and got the shearling one with the strong shoulders I posted on my earlier pic... gosh RO is so addictive.... still considering a pair of wedge boots and heels on LVR too! :p

    what you girls think of this top... I love it, but not sure how much I'll wear it? seems that its a "summery" top but I'll be cooking with the bunch of leather at the front... I'm quite petite at 5'2" (3 on a good day :p)... do you think the fabric will swamp me?

    Cheryl Cole Metallic Silver.jpg RO leather top.jpg

  3. Thank you, dear! :biggrin: It is a recent one. I have only had it since the beginning of the year, I think. I don't have any fading yet. I LOVE the one in the picture of Cheryl but the finish on that one is so rough and stiff and I just love my RO to be soft and buttery. So I picked the metallic dust. It is amazingly soft and I think the finish will be OK no matter what, even if it fades. RO encourages destruction. ;)

    As far as that top, I LOVE it! I'm also 5'2" and I would at least try that one out because I love the design. Depending on what you chose to wear it with it may not swamp you. I, personally, would only wear it with plain leggings or very short and simple shorts like in the picture. And I almost always wear sky high heels anyway. I really think you should get it and try it out if you can easily return it. If you do, don't forget to post the modeling pics here! I'd love to see how it looks on a fellow shorty. :p
  4. Aw, you didn't like the bomber style? I'd love to get the bomber style next!

    As far as the leather finish, I think it's personal preference. Blistered is the most distressed and has areas of literally blistered, worn and "damaged" leather. If this isn't your style and you prefer something a little more refined and "new" looking, then you could go for the smoother washed or plain black lamb.

    Hope you find something you love! :smile:
  5. :yahoo: fellow shorty! good things come in small packages I say :p

    oooooh so he has done metallics since the season the one that Cheryl is wearing, is from?! I didnt think it looked like hers, as hers is more rough... I agree though it is rough and stiff, we still have a copper one here and the stiffness was one of the reasons why I didnt get it, as I didnt think it would "break in" well over time (despite what the SA was trying to tell me to make me buy it!)... your one on the other hand looks gorge (as do you!)... I must try to keep an eye out on one online... we have such limited stock here... and yes i love the soft & buttery leathers! where did you get yours from girl? I'm so :greengrin: of you guys who have such easy access to ROs! do you know what other metallic "colors" he has?

    Yea I love the drape and cut of the top on (I've already tried it ;)) it looks great... problem is its a size 44, and i'm normally 38-40 lol.. but as we hardly ever get these sizes in, I've been in a rut of giving in and buying size 42 in a few jackets already (like the shearling one I posted earlier on) and even went as far as buying a 44 once just coz i love it (but the shoulders do fit, just the body a little big! lol!) ... so i wonder if it would fit better/look differently if it was a size 38 or 40? :shrugs: what type of jacket would i wear over it? or maybe something over it?


  6. the plain black lamb is just regular lamb leather, washed has more of a wrinkled look and not smooth, i have the blistered lamb, and surprisingly it doesn't look as blistered as a lot of others do, it has a really nice and special texture to it, it's hard to explain. i personally don't like the very damaged leather look, but my blistered one was one of the odds....if u can get a chance to go into a rick owens boutique, u can feel and try all of them all, i think that's ur best way of knowing which one u like best, i had the same problem as you and didn't know which one to choose, but finally, i decided on it after seeing them all
  7. Hi all, I'm newly addicted to Rick Owens and would LOVE to own his leather jacket! Can someone recommend a good Rick Owens SA? Thanks!
  8. I love RO :smile: I found out on my recent holidays that the cheapest place to buy his stuff is in Italy, because it's made there. I bought my first RO jacket in Paris (at the RO Paris store even -- and I was lucky because there was a 40% off sale! I bought 2 jackets in the end (one full price, the other on sale) and the sale jacket was definitely worth it because I haven't seen it cheaper anywhere online, nor did I find it at LVR in Florence. I did see the full price jacket there a hundred or so euros cheaper compared to the price in Paris (d'oh). An SA told me its cheaper in Italy because they don't need to pay as much for freight. As much as I love LVR, I found that some of his jackets ran small, whilst others needed to be 'sized down' because of the stretch in the leather which kinda makes me hesitant buying it online...
  9. Thanks sophia and bullet proof soul!!!

    I guess im just going to have to go to a physical store then.

    I have to probably scout here in Oregon then.

    By the way, Rey rey, can you help us a bit on the sizing.

    What did you get from Italy the classic washed, blistered? or just the washed?

    Want to know the sizing..

    Im a size 2-4 in clothing. SHould i go 40 or 38?

    I really want it fitted this time so i can wear it over dresses .

    I have two other leather jackets that i can use to layer over thick sweaters but would like my RO to be strictly over tank tops and dresses.

    THanks again you ladies!!!:smile:
  10. amacasa - if you prefer it very fitted and to go strictly over tanks/singlets/dresses, I'd say a size 38 would be wonderful... I'm normally a size 0-2 and take 38s and 40s... although I have gone all the way up to a 44 before lol... shoulder wise I think they're usually fine on me, but the body on petite ol' me... is a bit big!

    sorry off topic there :p... so I'd say size 38 for you! but perhaps others can chime in?

  11. amacasa re sizing, I'd try the 40 because I'm a 2-4 and I wear a 40 in RO and I never wear anything thicker than tees and dresses under my RO jackets. I like mine fitted, like a second skin :biggrin:

    But you should know your shoulder width because the RO shoulders are narrow and you may be able to go down to a 38 if you're narrow too.
    I bought (and kept) a size 38 in a biker style and it's just too small :shucks:
  12. As an older addict i will say it doesn't get much better haha

  13. i tried that top on and it swamped me in a 44 and i'm not particularly petite, but i'm not busty so anything with lots of material at the front just looks weird on me i find. i was so annoyed because i LOVE it but it was just too much :nogood:
  14. I find it so difficult to recommend RO sizing, simply because it depends on the style, the leather and season. A few seasons ago I bought a blistered jacket (the classic style, but with a back tail/peplum) and it ran so small I had to go with a 44, despite me being a size 4. A season later I tried on the classic style in suede and fit perfectly in a 38. This season, I tried on a blister jacket again and the 40 was a perfect fit. I'd recommend either going to a store or ordering the jacket you want in multiple sizes.

    I've also noticed that the blister and washed jackets this season are MUCH rougher in feel to the ones that were released in FW09. They're still supple and soft (i.e. will stretch) but the surface texture feels very different. I don't know if there are more buttery jackets around and I was just unlucky in sighting the more sandpapery ones (I saw these in RO Paris, Maria Luisa Paris, Liberty London and Harvey Nichols London), but I would say that this season the blister jackets are definitely not as smooth and even the washed ones may be a little more textured than usual.
  15. Finally decided that I should go ahead and buy the black washed biker jacket from LVR and the size 42 is gone, that is what happens when you think about things for too long!