Rick Owens Lovers Thread

  1. aww thank you!

    It was amazing! We went to Puglia to start, flew into Bari, stayed there a night, and then drove down to Lecce for four nights. While we were in Lecce we drove to different places every day, mainly along the coast. Some of the places we went to were Alberobello, Otranto, Polignano a Mare, and even went right down to the tip of the 'heel'. We then drove from Lecce to a place in the region of Molise, the hotel was in the countryside surrounded by rolling hills and vinyards, it was stunning. We stayed there for a night and then drove onto Rome where we stayed another five nights. We know Rome really well, we lived there for a couple of months in summer of 2006 just bumming around and taking an Italian language course, and go back every summer. It's a second home, I love it there so much. We still see the same people working in shops that we know from 2006! My husband and I are a bit obsessed with Italy, we got married in Amalfi in 2008 and are hopefully going back this September.

    And now back to real life and work.... yuck..... haha. We've been back over a week and I'm still not used to it!

    How are you guys?
  2. Oh and by the way Jen, my PS1 has been retired!! I got fed up of the quality issues, I had a big colour change, and bits kept falling off. I got a new Tod's bag in Rome and love it, it fits more in it and looks great. Maybe not as cool as a PS1 but a classic that will last forever. Sadly I would not recommend Proenza Schouler to anyone......

    I need a new picture!!
  3. I've been thinking about getting a PS1. Is the quality issues that bad? Bits of the purse were falling off??
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    debi -
    Your trip sounds so wonderful. I would love to explore more of this fabulous country. So, did you actually get married at the church in Amalfi? I adore the bronze doors to that church. DH and I rented a place right down the road for our 10th wedding anniversary - it was a former hunting lodge that hovers right over the water. It was an enchanting place.

    We are doing an agritourism stint at a place outside of Pienza this year. We did something similar awhile ago outside of Arezzo. I need to get my arse to another part of the country next time.

    And by the way, ADORE your Swan!! Would totally LOVE to get my hands on his EGG chair. I am totally nuts for mid-century chairs. Oh, also a Paulin Ribbon chair as well. AND, a Le Chaise, along with some Platner chairs, etc. etc. etc. My treasures are two fiberglass white Verner Panton Classic S chairs.

    And yes, you need bag on your chair....think you should go with your new Tods bag.....

    AND - as for the PS1.......it's all about hype. Granted, they may have improved the quality since the first year of production, but I was pretty shocked at the POOR workmanship and quality of materials (hardware) used for the bag. I've never given it another thought since......
  5. ^^I guess I will pass on the PS1 then.
  6. thanks for the info jenskar. yes I am on their email list, and hope they will send out emails before the second cut. I know the list never ends, but for now I just want that jacket. :biggrin:
  7. debi, great to hear that you had lots of fun in Italy. :smile:
  8. Ah ... Italy !! I don't know the south at all but have always heard it was stunning -- would love to go someday. My husband and I spent four weeks bumming around Italy the first year we were married -- a lot of time in Tuscany -- then Portofino, of course Florence, Venice -- adored Lake Garda and got kidnapped (nicely) by a little old couple in the Dolomites who spoke no English and we spoke no Italian but we stayed over 4 hours for lunch and family photos.

    I'm rather relieved to be able to give up my obsession with PS1's Debi, so thank you. I haven't done much bag shopping lately -- my go to bag continues to be an old Henry Beguelin I've had forever, and some of the older Prada bags before they went to pot on the quality/design. Wish I'd picked up one of the Rick bags when Saks had them on sale for next to nothing ... so simple.
  9. Sorry to be so late getting back. dcblam is right, the quality isn't that great. I had one of the screws coming undone a few times and falling off, luckily falling off into the bag at least. Then I had the little pin on the front that holds the clasp down fall off and I couldn't find that. And the bag did not wear well, the colour went dull and dirty looking and the bag didn't keep its shape. You should have a look in the PS thread on here, there have been a lot of people with issues. And their CS is not great either. And all that for a bag that costs (here) £1255..... yikes.
  10. Pienza sounds great! I'm not sure we have been there, but we've driven around Tuscany before. We haven't been around Arezzo, I would like to go around there at some point.

    No we didn't actually get married in the church but the town hall, which was actually a beautiful building as well. But, we do have an amazing wedding picture the photographer took which is us on the stairs in front of the church, we are quite small at the bottom of the picture kissing and the church is huge in the background, and it's in black and white. It is such an amazing photo, my favourite of ours. It's just a great photo rather than being a wedding photo if you know what I mean. We had our reception dinner in the restaurant in Amalfi that juts out into the sea, it was magical.

    Thanks! It's funny, only the RO girls have commented on the chair in my photo, we had a conversation about it on here a little while ago. Seems RO fans are also midcentury furniture fans!! We are also very into it and have a fair bit of it in our house, second hand and new. Mostly Scandinavian stuff. And I think you're right, the Tod's needs to have its picture taken in the Swan too!
  11. Thank you!

    Sounds like a great trip. The Dolomites are another place we want to go and explore, it looks beautiful around there. We've driven through a lot of the country on holidays over the years, including Sardinia and Sicily. We spent our honeymoon slowly driving up from Amalfi to Venice, stopping at a couple islands as well... ahhh... also we're hopefully going to Calabria and Basilicata this Sept.

    I like the Rick bags, but they are a bit pricey for what they are I think. Though if I saw one on sale....
  12. On more of a RO note, I just got delivered a Lilies FW top from NAP. Just the twist front long sleeved top, but the twist is a bit nicer and different than seasons past. And in a nice light grey colour.

    The sleeves on this are SO LONG, like way longer than my other tops, and even they are LONG. I think I will have to cut them. My question is, I saw that people on here mentioned in the past that they have cut them, is there any special way of doing this so I don't make a huge mess of my new top??
  13. Hello ladies, I want to thank you all very much for the suggestions and your pictures. I got the size up (sz 40) for the calf skin jacket as juneping suggested and it fits perfectly. I think because it is the SS style being thinner leather, it drapes just the way I like it when unzipped. Initially i wanted to wait until the AW lamb comes out to see which one i like better, but I just can't wait to wear it!! :smile:. Guess it'll be a keeper! Thanks to all your help and here I share with you my first RO :smile:. (it was challenging for me to take the picture with my phone, you girls got skills in taking those nice photos)

  14. looks great on you!! i am so happy for you!!:biggrin:
  15. It's just a great photo rather than being a wedding photo if you know what I mean. We had our reception dinner in the restaurant in Amalfi that juts out into the sea, it was magical.

    Your photo sounds magical and I've got a great image in my head - thanks for sharing :biggrin:
    We are patiently waiting for a new bag on your Swan.....LOL!