Rick Owens Lovers Thread

  1. Kirali - thanks a lot of your advice!! I will wait before I get my first RO. Thank u!
  2. Hi guys! I have missed so much on here! I was so busy at work and then went away to Italy for 12 days. I will try to catch up!

    Did a bit of RO browsing in Rome, but didn't get anything. Just picked up a twist front sleeveless top from The Outnet though for 50% off! Not sure why those tops don't sell well, I like them. Nice and easy to wear, no strapless bra necessary as opposed to most of my other Lilies tops!

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but have you guys seen the new RO Hun stuff on LVR? I'm not one for fur but those jackets are pretty stunning. And interesting he has changed the name from Palais Royal.

    The new shearlings are also quite nice, but the price seems to have gone up a lot, like hundreds of pounds??! Don't really get that..... I like the black leather with the contrasting brown shearling.

    Also I've been having trouble with PMs disappearing, is this happening to anyone else? Maybe it's something to do with logging in from my phone and then logging in on a computer, I don't know. I get the email notifications but then the message isn't there on the website. Anyhow I'm sorry if I have been ignoring anyone!
  3. Debi, I was wondering where have you been, girl. I miss you. Because of you I got my jacket and few tops. Good to see see you back!
  4. Jenskar - thank you for the congrats and that trapeze top looks great on you! If I stick around here, am going to end up buying more RO items very soon...

    Kirali - thank you for your input. I am reassured now that I have an authentic RO jacket. It is sad that the quality has changed so much. I guess there are very few exceptions to that trend... perhaps it would be better to look for older RO items (that's what I do with certain bags).

    Back to the baby. Thanks everyone!
  5. debi -- Italy, very nice! Where did you go? If you posted more into another thread, do paste the link. I love reading travel reports. I missed seeing your midnight PS1 :smile:

    I read somewhere that the Hun line was named for his endearment for Michele -- puts a new spin on it for me, very playful, and useful as in "Hun, pick me a up a little Rick on the way home ......"

    Top went back -- noticed some damage along a seam, and in my desire to try it on, had not processed that it had no tags. Bad move Bergdorf

    It's so hot now by us it's hard to even think about clothing ...
  6. juneping
    thanks for your sweet comment about my hair!
    and, we're on the same wavelength about the many uses for this beauty :graucho:
  7. dc -- you have power? Good to hear -- to those not reading US news -- huge storms ripped through her area and over 3 million people from Illinois to Washington are without power
  8. ^^debi -
    Italie, 12 days, how wonderful. Indeed, where did you go and what awesome things did you do/see? It's my most favorite country/place in the world. Envy :p

    jenskar -
    so lovely for you to think of me. We were quite lucky and didn't lose power, which is a total shock considering we ALWAYS lose power in storms of this nature. We live right across the street from a national park (yes, believe it or Rock Creek Park goes through DC and gives the city great park space) and all of our power lines are overhead, not buried. There are A LOT of felled trees throughout our neighborhood and city. Lots of major roads are without functioning lights so its a bit crazy driving around. Had to go to five different places to find a decent baguette yesterday.
    But heck, in the scheme of things, this is nothing.......
  9. Hello ladies, I got my first RO jacket in Calf leather in size 38, and it feels really tight in the bust and arms. I am a US size 2. Does Calf leather stretch out easily in the shoulder and torso? I like to wear the jacket unzipped, but would like to occasionally layer with thin long-sleeve shirts. Right now I can zip it if I need to, but it's tight around the bust area. Should I go a size up to sz 40 or keep 38 and wait for it to stretch? Thank you so much for your advise. =)
  10. calf skin doesn't stretch as much as lambskin....
    i am also a 2..actually 0-4 depends...mine was a 40...i don't like to stretch leather jacket so i don't layer with anything think..only thin cashmere sweater...
    i'd exchange....i zipped mine when it's very cold out and i was under-dressed...
  11. juneping, thanks so much for your advice. Will exchange for 40 as you suggest. BTW, I love your style. =) I definitely look at your pictures for inspiration.
  12. thanks!! and i am glad i could help....ladies here on this forum are so helpful. i recalled someone used to work in a leather company (fashion) and she told me calfskin didn't stretch as much as lambskin...that kind of info comes very handy...congrats on your first RO...they are really the best...
  13. Can anyone help me with the pros and cons for calfskin versus lambskin leather for the rick jackets please?
  14. ^^i am no expert...as far as i know, lambskin is softer and calfskin is harder/sturdier. the way the leather drapes is different on these two leather types. depends on the style..my bomber one was calf skin, the jacket just felt so much sturdier...i got it at The Outnet so it's slightly bigger than my usual size but it fit fine and i usually layer something thin (2 pieces instead of just 1) underneath...