Rick Owens Leather Jacket

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  1. I know that a similar thread seems to pop up on a regular basis, but still here we go again.
    I am totally lusting after this Rick Owens Leather Jacket (I know that it's a few season old - anyone know which one exactly?). I've found a place in the UK that actually still sells it, but since I am going to New York in September, I thought I might be able to track it down for a much better price (considering the low dollar, import cost/tax, etc...).
    So if anyone has a clue about where I could find this jacket (also do you know what i retailed for in the States?) i would be eternally grateful!! Thanks so much ladies!!

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  2. I am looking for the same one, but can't find it anywhere (I'm based in Australia). Your source in the UK, what sizes are available, also, how much is it? Hope you can share with me. Thanks a lot.
  3. It probably originally cost around $2k originally and I have no idea where you could find it new on sale in New York.
  4. ok thanks for the answers! i guess i'll just have to prowl through every consignment store in new york to find it.... :sad:
    and LOL i'm such an idiot, i found a very similar one on the UK version of NAP (http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/34459 if you want to take a look themgdinosaur)
  5. if anyone else stumbles across this jacket, pleeease let me know! i am desperate!!
  6. i saw that one myself, but i am worried about ruining a white leather jacket!! although it looks gorgeous.
  7. The white one is already sold out><
  8. nice leather I reckon
  9. I'm considering getting a rick owens leather jacket. I was just wondering if anybody had one, and what their experiences were like. Also, I am fairly small, but I have broad shoulders and my arms are kinda built, so I am a little worried about the fit. As for the styles, I can't decide if they are timeless or just trendy. But they are so amazing and unusual! Thanks!
  10. I would kill for a Rick Owens anything!
  11. Leefi - they do recut this style of jacket almost every season... in fact theres one (a winter weight one) on NAP right now... dont know if they're sold out yet though... the one you have, is a summer/spring weight one so its not fully lined... whereas the one on NAP is fully lined coz its winter weight... my friend just got the one from NAP and its GORGEOUS! its a great neutral to have in your wardrobe IMHO... not that light that it'll show wear easily ya know? i recommend it to everyone! if only i wasnt so broke, i'd snap one up! RO leathers are soooo addictive... no good for the wallet ;)
  12. Its absolutely gorgeous!!!! I need one~!!!

    also, the bag that the mannequin is wearing--is that an MJ?
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    If its the cut and style your wanting rather than the fact its rick owens, there is a store in the uk called all saints that has a v v similar version - its called 'feathers' jacket and is £300.

    I have it and havent taken it off since i bought it a few weeks ago - gorgeous.

    cant post link for some reason but if you google all saints, click on shop >> womens >> leathers x
  14. ^^^ oh stella, do you have a picture of you wearing it?