Rick owens leather jacket color help!

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know what color Dark Shadow is? I'm not sure if it is Dark Brown or Dark Gray......If anyone has a photo of a Rick Owens leather jacket in that color that they could post, I would really appreciate it:smile:!!!
  2. I'm almost positive it's a dark grey/charcoal..
  3. It's Dark Grey.
  4. Thanks gigi615 & initialed!!! I keep getting different descriptions from SA. Anything from dark gray/brown to espresso brown. I was able to find the Moto Biker Style at Nordstroms in Dark Shadow on sale:yahoo: Thanks for your help!
  5. nordstrom carries rick owens leather jackets???
  6. I know that's what I said! I was calling around searching and a little boutique told me. I guess there are only two stores in the company right now. So I called my SA and asked her to look into it. She found me a Moto style Biker Jacket, the one with the knit under the arms. The color is Dark Shadow, which the SA from the store she got it from said it's espresso brown. But it's a lighter weight shearling. I've never seen it before, but someone returned it and it was 60% off!! It's headed my way, sight unseen! The suspense is killing me, I should of overnighted it! I should be here Tuesday. I hope I love it:smile:
  7. Yes I'm reviving a year and a half old thread, it's so similar
    to how I would have titled it.

    I'd like to get an Owens jacket in something other than black.
    I'm so used to seeing him do shades of grey, and this new brown
    looks interesting.

    This one's color is decribed as Dark Dust:

    This one as Mud:

    And this one as Brown Marble:

    But they all look like same color to me. Are they all the same?
    I thought Dust in Owens-speak meant grey?
  8. I really like the 2nd one!
  9. I like the last one best.
  10. Hmmm...the last one looks truly brown. But the first 2 look to be the same color. All great! Don't think you can go wrong here!