Rick Owens jacket sizing help....

  1. Hi, is anyone familiar with Rick owens leather jacket sizing? I just purchased a size 40, I'm usually a US size small, or 4-6 (depends on the designer really) in tops. never been an extra small. I'm in LA so i won't be wearing anything bulky under the jacket. Did I buy the right size? The net-a-porter size chart confused the heck out of me :shame: Any help is appreciated :smile:
  2. From my experience a Rick Owens 40 is generally a US size 4. Did you get a RO leather jacket? That's one of my dream items!
  3. It really depends on the styles, but as a thumbs rule his leather jackets always run a bit on the smaller side. In RO leather jackets I myself have a 38, a 40 and a 42! I'm usually an XS/S or European 34. The 38 I have is an asymmetrical style so that size fits well, the 40 is a classic leather jacket style of his and fits well but a bit on the small side so I can't really close it if I wear a bulky sweater underneath. The 42 is also a classic style of his, it fits good but is of course slightly bigger, so that one I can zip up with sweaters and layers underneath. It would help if you post a pic of the one you bought, I am familiar with most of his styles and might help you. I think a 40 might be good if you're a small, but it also might be a bit on the smaller side (as my 40 really equals an XS)... But if you don't need to zip it up and wear layers underneath it does sound like it should be about the right size. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks guys! I ure hope It's ok. I'm def. not an extra small. I just hate when a jacket is too big in the shoulders ya know? Especially this style.

    FoxyCleopatra (what a cute name lol!) Yes, I bought my dream jacket! Its the collarless leather jacket :love: I have never seen it in real life. I never could find it anywhere but I've seen really cute pics of ladies wearing it. Now I just hope it fits :s
  5. I think it will be okay. Leather jackets tend to be cut smaller, but leather also naturally stretches ...
  6. That's the one I have in 40! It def. won't be too big in the shoulders, as it's cut to be super skinny especially in the arms. As I said I can't close mine up when wearing something bulky underneath it (I'm a xs/s) as it runs really small!! But if you don't need to wear layers underneath and if you're not too busty, it should fit well. It's a really skinny fit like it's supposed to be. It's a fantastic jacket, enjoy it so much!:love:
  7. omg so expensive im jealous