Rick Owens experts/aficionados/those who own biker jackets...

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  1. Hi all,

    I am in need of some help here. Hoping someone with some past season RO biker jackets can help me. I purchased this jacket from a private seller who apparently has a consignment store in Vancouver, and sometimes sells on ebay. I was desperate for the older style RO black biker jacket and she had one. I received it and am now questioning its authenticity. I didn't think there were Rick Owens fakes, but I guess I should just assume there are fakes of everything. The leather is really soft and has a light distressed texture. The zippers are all YKK (I didn't think RO used YKK, but possible in past seasons?), the collar's lining is a soft fleece like material and the lining where the signature is is black satin (inside the sleeves it is tan satin). The things that are tripping me up are the inside signature and the tag. The tag says only "Olmar and Mirta", whom I know manufacture the jackets, but the tag does not have the Rick Owens signature like the tags on the new jackets do. The actual signature bothers me the most as the "k" in "Rick" looks like a capital "A". If anyone could weigh in on these I'd appreciate it!
    I know the details on his jackets change from season to season, so anyone with knowledge on past seasons please give me your point of view

    Here is the tag on the jacket in question:

    And here is the tag on a store-purchased authentic one (this season):

    Zip on the questionable jacket:

    Signature lining on the questionable jacket:

    Close up of the "Rick" that looks like "RicA":

    Side by side views of the questionable jacket (top) and current season store purchased jacket (bottom):

    Please note, that the current jacket is a different color (it's Dark Shadow) and finish (it's blistered) also. I know it's easier to just "buy new" at the store, but I purchased this specifically looking for the older really soft, thin lambskin that I missed out on. :s

    Help appreciated! I would hate to think I spent so much (I paid pretty much retail for this) on a fake! I hate to think there are fakes at all!

  2. i looked at mine....yours is fine. the rick owen stitches look the same.
  3. Mostly the same compared with mine (a/w 2009). The only difference is the zipper. My main zipper has RY on it, the side for the pockets have no initials, not YKK. Maybe you can check it against the s/s10 zippers?
  4. i bought my first one on YOOX years ago and had the same concerns, turned out to be fine! Perhaps you can take it to the boutique to have it authenticated? good luck!
  5. yeah, it doesn't look fake to me..
  6. actually if you take closer look...the two stitches do look bit different. one with very abvious "A" and one was sort of a hint.....i was fooled the first time when i looked at it...but look at the one with above and bottom, you can see the difference.
    i am not sure if there's any fake RO out there but this is kind of strange to me.
  7. Is there any way you could post pics of yours? Especially the signature in the lining and the zips? I would be really grateful! I don't have a boutique here, just Barneys and the salespeople there I don't think are knowledgeable enough to authenticate older season jackets.
  8. Hi i hope Im not too late:smile:
    I took some photos of my 4 ROs, they all seem a bit different though.
    my first one was from YOOX when i got it I couldnt find a button on the neck as the one seen on the celebrities, (and the sleeves were super long !) So I thought it was fake. But turned out there are many versions and I have seen this happens to a few fellows on tPF.
    About the stitches I kinda find it look differently with different linings, mine with brown lining(two years ago?) actually looks “RicA owens”.. yours looks fine to me.
    But I never see the zipper with YKK, mine either reads RY nor nothing, see photos.

    Hope it helps!!
  9. I hope I'm not too late either.
    There are tons of fake RO jackets out there and I have seen many. I've seen some on ebay too. I'm not an expert at authenticating RO but I have 2 jackets. Both are older style and older one's don't have Rick Owens written on the back of care tag like your third picture.

    To be honest the jacket does not look right to me.
    First off the embroidery you mentioned. I agree, they should not be RicA, they should be Rick Ownes, even for older style.
    Also I heard from RO expert that RO uses RY zipper, even for samples.

    Just to be sure I'll ask someone who knows better.
  10. #10 Feb 9, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    Ok I just confirm they are fake from someone who can identify year/season of the RO jackets and expert at authenticating.
    I hope you can return them and get refund:sad:
  11. Oh boy! So confusing! Donmi (love your modeling pic in the leather jacket thread!), your jacket with the brown lining does look like mine, as far as the embroidered signature in the lining, but Naomi80 says it's fake. :sad: I was specifically looking for the older jacket with the snaps on the collar too! And mine has really long sleeves as well. But yours has the RY zipper and mine does not. Thank you for your help, Donmi (and Naomi80)! I REALLY appreciate it.
  12. omg does it mean my with brown lining is a fake? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNONONO

    I got it from Browns, do they sell fakes?????
  13. ^^i don't think Naomi80 was saying your's was fake

  14. No, Donmi, yours is authentic. You posted a picture of the zipper and it's real! Browns only sells authentic, so do not worry. Also I cannot see the "k" clearly enough, but it's probably not a definite "A" like mine.

    Enjoy your jacket! I did not mean to make you worry!
  15. phew! false alarm:smile:
    actually i checked mine with brown lining the inner tag does read like yours too, without "Rick Owens"; thought the new ones do have them.. so i GUESS maybe it's because of the old style?

    Anyways hope you sort things out:smile:
    and thanks for your compliment you are so sweet!!:heart:
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