Richard Prince JOKE TOTES...Conumdrum!..for Guys?

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  1. OK LV Fans..

    I saw the Richard Prince JOKE TOTE last week at my local LV Boutique and I LOVE IT.

    Im going to PARIS in a few weeks and I'm planning to get at least 1 BIG TICKET item. I love Vuitton and I have a great Limited Collection items already...Im deciding on this R.Prince Joke Totes OR Hermes Birkin 40cm (Im getting an Orange H, Raisin, Vert Fonce (Dark Green) OR Rouge Garance) whichever makes my :heart: beats?

    I know the price are significant between both's not a factor, it's just a matter which one to choose from, between a LE Edition piece vs Classic ?

    What do you think of the Richard Prince JOKE TOTES..the one that EVA HERZIKOVA is holding on the current LV Spring 2008 Ads?
  2. I know someone here (some cute asian guy haha) has two Richard Prince bags, one pulp and one joke. I think the joke one he has is heartbreak? (the blueish purple one).

    My favorite bag from that collection is the Graduate.
  3. I vote for the Hermes Birkin, I love Birkins, esp in 30!!!! :heart:
  4. i like hermes better than the lv jokes bags as much as i like lv.
  5. do u have the pic ?
  6. Birkin...:tup:
  7. I know I just read the thread fully, and yeah id go for the Birkin hahahaha.
  8. I would go for the Birkin, since I think the LV Joke Bags don't look like LVs....
  9. I would honestly go with the BIrkin (this coming from a girl who refuses to even look at anything but LV). I just really am not fond of the RP collection.
  10. Ok..Here are the Pics! It is the Louis Vuitton Richard Prince Heartbreak Bag VS Hermes Birkin 40cm (I have 2 neutrals ones..I need COLOR this time)

    The Heartbreak bag looks like a FUN bag to carry!...Thanks for ALL your Opinions guys/gals.

    RaynaldOC: Thanks for the "Heartbreak" name of the bag. Appreciate it.

    (Pics courtesy of FashionPhile and

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  11. May I ask a question... what draws you to both bags?
  12. Birkin!
  13. For me, if you only had to choose one, I'd say the RP Joke bag bcoz it is so different and fresh. You already have a Birkin. But given you have the funds to get a Birkin and all that, I assume you have fairly deep pockets, you should get both since the RP bag is only a bit more :smile:

    Show us your Limited Edition collection.
  14. RP Heartbreak looks like a FUN bag to carry and its casual wear.

    Hermes Birkin is a Classic bag that I can carry till I'm 99 years old.

    Here's my LV's. Im sure some of you have seen this sometime before.

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