Richard Prince Bag?

  1. There is something about those two frame bags -- the Aquarelle Speedy and Papillon. Perhaps it the frame style rather than zipper that makes them special -- certainly the monogram canvas is perfect and the snake trim. Every magazine you pick up has a page dedicated to the Speedy. Sigh. Let me live vicariously through one of you lucky women. Let us know who gets the first one!
  2. they aren't out until march so you have a little while to wait yet no doubt it's going to be popular but I actually think the bonbon may be the surprise hit of the season there's a lot of talk about in "the summary"
  3. Oh, I thought today was the day! Sorry. I'll wait to drool over someone else's in four weeks!!
  4. no problem there are a lot of releases today

    - monogram pulp
    - limelights
    -motorgureil ( I never spell that correctly but ts something like that LOL)
    - the hearts (for the us)
    - the two new epi colours

    lots to drool over
  5. Wow there are alot of items out today.
  6. Label...are yor dates different than us here in the US? My store mgr told me that the Watercolor is coming out May 1st. I am on the list for the 35 but think it might be to much like my White MC Speedy have you seen it IRL?
  7. the frame bags exotics are out in march the vachetta version in may

    I haven't seen it irl life yet that when I make my final decision but if you go check out the summary pics thread (click the first here in my sig) there is a close up of the frame speedy near the end so you can get an idea of how it looks. the vachetta (vvn) is shown earlier in the thread
  8. also the weekender GM was for sale in the store I was in today, much prettier than the picture
  9. I'm also dying to see pics of these bags from some lucky member here !!
  10. time to go shopping.....
  11. I've been drooling over the pics for two weeks -- going back and forth onwhich one I like -- the neons are totally tempting for fun and not braking the bank !!
  12. Oh really??? I am so jealous!!!

    I am still waiting for weekender to arrive. I have been going down to LV everyday since 1st Feb and still no news.
  13. There was only ONE weekender GM in red/rose allocated here and it 'disappeared' immediately when it arrived in store on 1st Feb, lol :smile: SA said she only caught a glimpse of it. I personally saw the yellow GM weekender (3 pieces were allocated, 2 arrived), it's gorgeous! Would make a cool carry on...patiently waiting for my yellow PM weekender now :smile:
  14. Hi,

    I have PM you. Which store did you see weekender GM?

    If we were from the same island, there were supposed to be 20 allocations for weekender, yet only 3 arrived? I am also waiting for the PM and I reckon it might only happen after CNY.
  15. LABEL ADDICT" You have a real sense of style and knowing what will be the next hot item" You were right on with the Bonbon - if only I had read your thread before today- I might have been on the waitlist for it - Now, I am like a crazy woman trying to get my hand on the rose one- to no avail so far!