Rich & Skinny jeans

  1. Anyone have a pair of Rich & Skinny jeans - just ordered a pair and I'm super excited to get it...Just hope that it fits well...So hard to buy a pair of jeans online - especially with a new brand that I don't have...

    Any insight/feedback would be great!!!
  2. i have a pair and i love them! i bought the sleek in sterling. they are so flattering, especially on the bum. they're the first pair of skinny jeans that i actually like on me with flats, most of my other pairs i wear with heals or in boots.
  3. Anyone have a pic wearing them?? I, too, have been interested in these lately...would love to see them on someone before I buy online though!
  4. Thanks for the feedback hfxshopgirl!!!! I actually ordered the sleek in great to hear that it fit well!!! Now I'm even more excited!!!:yahoo: