Rich & Skinny Jeans at Nordstrom

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  1. Great deals! Down to $55 from $190!!!
    They only have sizes 30 & 31 though, doesn't fit me either.
  2. whyyyy cant they have it in my size? =((
  3. I recently bought a pair of Rich & Skinny jeans and I'm so hooked! I've been wearing them for the past three days now and they haven't even stretched a centimeter! they're so soft and the pockets and inside waist band are lined in a pretty silk-like fabric. These jeans are EXCELLENT quality.
  4. seems like a really great clearance sale...
  5. If anybody who wanted but couldn't find their size are in the NYC area, they had some there last week for about the same price, if I recall correctly.
  6. where in nyc? wat store? ive been dying for a nice pair
    the lowest i've seen were maybe 80-90 . century 21 sells for $99

    several sample sales i've seen have only sold for around that range.

  7. I thought I saw them in the downtown store clearance section last week but I thought the price was closer to $60 than $99.
  8. there's a Nordstrom in the city?? where? i thought the closest was up at westchester!
  9. I saw a bunch of Rich & Skinny jeans at my local Nordstrom Rack. A bunch of them are marked down 50% off of 80 and 90. Sales price would be 40 and 45. This is at the Nordstrom Rack in Sacramento.
  10. I've been wanting those Rich&Skinny jeanns! Not my size. =\
  11. If you read back through the whole thread, my post was in response to a question asked about which C-21 I thought I had seen them in last week.
  12. I got my R&S jeans from intermix for 45 dollars in black too? You can call their stores or look on line?