rich & skinny demin?

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  1. has anyone tried on the new rich & skinny jeans? revolve just got them in and i'm debating ordering them. they're a collaboration between michael glasser (of sevens and citizens) and joie rucker (of joie), so i figure the fit is likely to be good. paris hilton was photographed wearing them a few weeks ago (the sleek in sterling) and they looked really cute on. just wondering how the sizing runs?
  2. if anyone else was wondering too, i emailed pink mascara and they said the sleek fit is running generous and to order a size down. i ordered a pair, hoping they'll fit :yes:
  3. I'm debating about ordering a pair of these. How did you get on with the size? Did ordering a size smaller work out ok? Thanks!
  4. They run pretty true to size, I found. I just got my normal size but I can tell they will stretch so maybe order a size down if you want them to stay tight.
  5. They run a little on the big side, but soooo comfy! I have a pair in a navy color and LOVE it! Get it!
  6. i ordered some from Revolve, and I'm impressed! they do run a little big compared to Seven's though!
  7. Thanks ladies. I think I might try a size smaller as this seems to be the general consensus. :smile:
  8. i find they fit a lot like citizens, very generous in the thighs. i have 2 pairs now and i sized down for both and they fit perfectly
  9. they fit true to size on me and they're really soft & comfy. i saw that some of them have no front pockets which really bug me so look out for those if you want your front pockets!
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    I'm reviving this thread.... I was thinking about sizing down to a 23. What do u girls think? I'm usually a size 25/24 depending on the style and brand...

    from what I remember

    - William Rast Stella bootcut size 24
    - Antik Eva skinny size 24 (non stretch!!)
    - 7FAM lexie 24
    - 7FAM roxanne dark rustic canyon 25
    - 7FAM roxanne black wash 24

    or should I just go with 24?

  11. I have a pair of their boyfriend jeans. Really comfy. Ran a bit small for me but that could be because of style.
  12. Thanks!!! :smile: I ended up getting them in size 24 I hope they fit well!! :biggrin:

    I got the super skinny in gray.. they were such a good deal it was too hard to pass up
  13. I love these jeans, and I own several pairs. However, different styles fit differently. I am usually a 28-29 and the most recent pair I bought I had to buy a 30! If you are buying them from order 2 sizes and send back the one that doesn't work.
  14. Thanks GirlyGirl4!!! I got them from smartbargains, it was truly a good deal!! I did check revolve for the same style (to see a fit guide) and got a bit nervous as they said they run small!!!

    So I just went with my true size.. they did say size up if you DO NOT want the jegging look and I do want the jegging look hehe
  15. Good luck :smile: They are great jeans!!