Rich kid rapist released from prison after only 10 years

  1. I can't believe he is already out of jail. This guy is a monster. I wonder how long before he does it again?

    Rich-kid rapist Alex Kelly released from prison after serving 10 years

    Saturday, November 24th 2007, 4:00 AM
    [​IMG] AP
    Alex Kelly in an undated photo provided by the Bridgeport Correctional Center

    Rich-kid rapist Alex Kelly, the infamous high school wrestling star who fled to Europe after sexually assaulting two Connecticut teens in 1986, was freed Saturday after serving 10 years in jail.

    Kelly, 40, walked out of the Bridgeport Correctional Center at 7:05 a.m. He was later outfitted with a GPS ankle-monitoring bracelet, officials said.

    A woman who answered the door at the newly minted ex-con's family home in Darien, Conn., declined comment.

    Kelly spent eight years as a well-heeled fugitive in Europe, allegedly bankrolled by his wealthy parents, Melanie and Joseph Kelly. His parents were never charged.

    On the eve of his 1987 trial, Kelly skipped out on $200,000 bail. He traveled to 15 countries and lived in upscale ski resorts until 1995, when he surrendered to Swiss authorities and was extradited to the U.S.

    Calls to the home of Kelly's parents and his lawyer's office were not returned.
    The case was made into a CBS television movie and profiled by high-society scribe Dominick Dunne on Court TV.

    Kelly was convicted of the rapes in 1997.

    At a parole hearing two years ago, Kelly apologized and said he committed the crimes because he dreamed of a life full of girlfriends and because he was "hypercompetitive."

    He said he believed the world owed him something.

    Kelly was co-captain of the Darien High School wrestling team when he attacked the women.

    Kelly's 2005 parole bid was denied after the victims described the attacks as terrorizing.

    A week after Kelly's conviction, one of his victims, Adrienne Bak Ortolano, who was 16 when he attacked her, spoke publicly.

    "I'm a rape survivor," said Ortolano, then a 27-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative, after testifying at a second trial. The first ended in a hung jury.
    Ortolano said she was scared during the years Kelly was on the lam - too afraid even to answer her own door.

    "I have been living in constant fear since I was 16 years old," Ortolano said at the time. "I may look okay, but inside I'm not okay. I will never be okay." She could not be reached for comment yesterday.

    Kelly was convicted of sexual assault 11 years after he attacked Ortolano in the back of his girlfriend's Jeep on Feb. 10, 1986, after a high school party.

    He pleaded no contest to raping a 17-year-old Stamford girl four days later. He received no extra jail time in that case.

    Kelly was sentenced to 16 years behind bars but was sprung early for good behavior. He will be on probation for five years and must register as a convicted sex offender.
  2. I remember this clown. His Mommy and Daddy refused to tell the authorities where he was, and they would then fly overseas to be with him. While on the run, he led a very sweet lifestyle.

    This is so unfair to the teens he raped, as well as the cops who put their all into catching him.

    When will the authorities take rape for what it is, the murder of a woman's deepest soul? The victims never forget, and most cannot forgive. Their lives are forever changed.

    He should have gooten life just for fleeing to avoid jail. Damn.
  3. Well at least he served SOME time. That is progress in a small way. I think that society does not take sexual assault against women seriously because women still are not valued in society the way they should be. I can only hope those two ladies are able to have some measure of peace at some point in their lives. He will get his due.
  4. ^^
    The only reason Alex Kelly is out of jail is because he's rich and he's caucasian. If he were a poor person of color, he would still be incarcerated.
  5. I was too young to remember this but rapist's should=death. :yes::tup::okay::hysteric:
  6. If you think about it some murderers get away with jail time like this in cases of babies, etc. and are released with less years in jail. I think in the end it'll all even out and karma will get back. I can't imagine he'll ever live the life full of girlfriends he dreamed of. Sounds like one revolting guy but then you wonder of women who go for guys who commit horrible crimes.
  7. ^^

    I don't believe in death as a punishment for any crime... but to each his/her own.

  8. The thing about the Alex Kelly case that bothers me the most is the ARROGANCE of this man and his parents.

    The bankrolled him so that he could live a jet set lifestyle in Europe. He was a ski bum, drinking, drugging and womanizing his way across Europe. HE JUMPED BAIL and then was drinking champagne in the alps with bimbos. There was a video that a friend he met over there made of him frolicking in the hot tub with some girls. It was totally disgusting. His parents lied repeatedly to the police until they intercepted a letter they were mailing to him in Sweden. That's the only reason he was caught and extradicted back to the US for trial.

    He brutalized these girls and then bragged about it to his friends afterwards. He is a disgusting human being and a total sociopath IMO.
  9. Oh believe me I am in no way saying what he did was right nor am I saying he paid back with jail time in any way. Something like what he did will ever be repaid for the girls and they'll probably be effected by this for the rest of their lives. And his parents are just as dispicable to allow him to avert punishment...
  10. Totally understand! I think the parents should have been prosecuted too, but because of their wealth and the wealth in the community where they live, it didn't happen.

  11. YUP! If he'd had just served his time, neither Roo nor I would be this irrate. Mark my words, this is NOT the last time we'll hear about him.
  12. There are way worse things than death, but I definitely think the punishments given for any rape case are not harsh enough. The guys could get out and rape you again in a few years, how ridiculous. My DH gets so mad at rapists that he thinks their testicles should be cut off. He said that should scare off any guy who even thinks of doing it.

    ^^ I LOVE that urinal saying..I think it should be in every single one in the world.
  13. Most perps are arrogant...even when they DON'T have money.

    And I do agree that his parents should have been prosecuted. I think under different circumstances they would have because they were clearly breaking the law.
  14. This is incredible!
  15. Oyyyyy he looks creepy!!!!!

    I am with kneehighz, I think those who rape women should have their testicles cut off!!!!!!!