Rice Krispies Treats!! Oldie but Goodie!

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  1. I just whipped up a batch of marshmellowy crunchy little pieces of bliss. Mmmm So simple so good. I have been eating them since I was little - many many many moons ago. I make them for my little ones now although they don't seem to fully appreciate them. No gratitude those rug rats!! Anyway, I have them "adult" style now meaning with a cup of coffee. I didn't know that would be so good. So here I am enjoying a treat and a cup of coffe - how divine!:heart:
  2. omg coffee + cocoa krispies!! simply amazing...
  3. That sounds really good right now! I actually prefer the homemade ones over the prepackaged ones they sell in the store; too sweet IMO.
  4. mmm rice krispies! havent had them in ages, I used to help my mom make them when I was young. Having them with coffee sounds sooooo good.
  5. Yeah the ones in the blue packages are so gross. I make the recipe on the cereal box but I use less butter and less marshmallows. I like it better that way
  6. Could you please write down your recipes for this. I would love to try them
  7. My daughter made them recently and put in 1 1/2 times the butter and marshmallows and they were the best thing ever. Of course we really like our sweets as sweet as possible.
  8. LOVE the krispie treats - and they are actually pretty low in fat and calories when compared to let's say: a cheesecake, or donut! ;)

    I always add more marshmellows I like them gooey!!

    Does anyone else do chocolate melted on top, or peanut butter chips, choco chips in the krispies? I like to add these to mix it up sometimes.

    You can really add anything - you could make them fruity and add shredded coconut, dried cranberrys, dried blueberries, yummm - OMG I am getting pretty hungry talking about this. :P
  9. Has anyone tried making this with marshmallow creme instead? Does it make a difference?
  10. ^^^ I think I made them that way once & they were a little gooey, but tasted fine.

    I actually made a batch of cocoa krispy treats yesterday - so, there's only about 7 pieces left. But, coffee sounds pretty good about now. Plus, I just finished cooking up a batch of Chocolate chip cookies, so I bet the kids won't notice if I grab a krispy treat instead.
  11. M&Ms for f-sake!!! Do not forget the M&Ms!!! :biggrin:
  12. I love rice krispies!! They're honestly my favorite sweet treat.

    I was feeling down over the holidays and hubby made three batches for me - regular, coco-krispies, and frutty pebbles. A few were cut with mickey-shaped cookie cutters!! :girlsigh: yes, he's a keeper! :heart: Now he's the official rice krispies maker!!

    In fact....where is he? I'm hungry!
  13. Oh yeah they are so super easy to make 6 cups rice K. 4 c. mini marshmellows and 3 T. butter - melt butter add marsh. melt. add cereal and stir/mix quickly and place in lightly greased pan. I know a poster from Sweden asked. Yes, oh and the link... great. Yeah but so easy. Mmmm choc chips, dried cranberries... oh yum. When I was in the 5th grade we added green food coloring and made RK treats wreaths around Christmas. We used red hots for the berries and red licorice for bows!! Hmm maybe next Christmas.
  14. Oh yeah and don't forget to use cookie cutters for fun shapes!! When I was at Disneyland recently I saw Mickey shaped! Very cute!