Rice Cooker

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  1. Can someone recommend a rice cooker or steamer? I can't cook a pot of rice to save my soul. I want it to turn out like it does in restaurants and I suspect I need a special pot to do that.

  2. any rice cooker will do, really nothing to it, just follow directions.
  3. I LOVE to eat all types of rice and a good rice cooker really makes a difference! I had a hard time cooking brown rice in a cheap rice cooker that I invested in some really good ones by Zojirushi (elephant label). Their rice cookers adjust to your mistakes (too much/little water, etc.) and make your rice nice and fluffy (or hard or soft) every time.
  4. I don't know what our brand of rice cooker is, as I didn't buy it, so I can't recommend it. All I can say is don't buy the kind that go in the microwave. They don't work too well.
  5. I agree with peach! elephant brand rules! (Zojirushi).
  6. When making chicken and rice for my dogs I had one that you put in the microwave... it did it's job just fine... just didn't make large enough portions. Then I bought an electric one from Costco and it works great as well and large enough that you can steam fish and other such items in it. I'm sure any electric one would work great though.
  7. I LOVE my Zojirushi.
  8. I love my Tiger brand rice cooker!

  9. ME TOO!!! I can't seem to cook good brown rice. I tried following the instructions written at the back of the package, but the brown (supposedly cooked) rice still doesn't taste right.

    Anyway, the elephant brand of rice cooker is AWESOME!!! a little expensive, but it's worth it!!! You can always do "quick cook" when you're really in a hurry.. I ALWAYS use that menu anyways! hee hee
  10. I was going to buy the elephant rice cooker, then I saw one at Costco for like $35. The brand is Aroma. It cooks brown rice, as well as white rice perfect. I cannot cook rice on the stove. It turns out all mushy.
  11. I have the elephant one too. I just got it at an Asian grocery store. I don't know if the brand really makes a difference but mine works really well. The rice turns out fine and the rice cooker is easy to use and easy to clean.
  12. This rice-cooking adventure is all new to me, but I really want to learn how to make it. Some have called Zojirushi an elephant cooker? Or is that the style of Zojirushi? Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with this brand. Also, where's the best place to buy Zojirushi?

  13. i love my tiger brand rice cooker. made in japan too.
  14. YES!! I want to know as well. This japanese restaurant that I sometimes buy food from makes their rice from this large rice cooker! and the rice is always so firm sticky and delicious!!

    anybody can also recommend me one. im going to put it on my christmas list!
  15. I know what you mean. That's why I like rice in restaurants. It's not gluey and sticky. Each little piece is separate from the other one.