Ricami and Squirrel spys-same thing?

  1. [​IMG] <---Ricami denim [​IMG] <---squirrel denim

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, they look the same to me and are both available on 2 different reputable websites (1 type in each). The squirrels are cute, but I tried on a denim before and it didn't look good on me. This one is different though, so should I get it yay or nay? Oh yeah, and they're the same right?
  2. Yup I am pretty sure they are the same thing, just different lighting. Wait on other opinions to be sure.
  3. Ricami I think just means embroidered, so any embroidered spy would be "Ricami". On my squirrel spy, which is the velvet squirrel spy, it came with a Ricami care card.
  4. ah I see, thanks. I'll wait and see if I get more opinions on whether I should get it or not. You're like my virtual shopping buddies
  5. It's not my favorite, personally, but some people love the denim squirrel spy. I know BagLady has talked about getting one before. BTW, the two you posted are definitely the same bag. Here is a close-up of the squirrel motif on my squirrel spy (it is super-cute)!
    front.jpg back.jpg detail.jpg
  6. oooh very pretty, thanks for the pics=)
  7. i bought this bag,
    go for it, such a stunning bag with cristals all over...
  8. noo! I took it off my wishlist last night and now its back on! hehe. I think its gorgeous, I just took it off because I feared it wouldnt look good on me. I think I'll get it, if I don't LOVE it I'll return it! :heart: