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  1. hello...

    would like to ask experts here, is the ribera mini the same size as speedy 25? and is the ribera mm same size with speedy 30?

    any opinions on the mini ribera? it look so cute and nice. will it be too small if i want to put a wallet, a handphone and a packet of tissue. can go in ?? :smile:

    please share all ur opinions. bad or good welcome. :woohoo:
  2. No, the mini does not hold what the 25 can. The 25 is quite a bit bigger. I'll take a pic of them side by side for you in a bit.

    I have the mini and love it. I can fit a wallet, many lipsticks, tissues, ipod, and cell phone.
  3. i have the ribera mini and the speedy 25 also. the mini is much smaller. i have no problems fitting my necessities into the mini though. the ribera mm seems to be around the same size as the 25, possibly a bit bigger (from what i remember anyway).
  4. I think it's such a cute little bag that can be perfect to use when going out to dinner or something.
  5. yes yes.... please post some photo of what can the ribera holds. and also a side by side picture with the speedy 25. :tender: u guys are so so so sweet.
    can i ask for a modelling picture of the ribera mini too... ? hehe... thank u so much.
  6. The ribera mini is MUCH smaller than the Speedy 25. I doubt it can hold 1/3 of what the Speedy can!
  7. Here we go...I took some pix. The first two show the damier bags with a flash. The third pic shows what I am able to fit into the mini (no flash). I don't ever put the Mini Pochette in the Ribera Mini but wanted to make a point of showing the maximum width and height of something that could fit into the Ribera Mini.

    Hope this helps.

    IMG_2993.jpg IMG_2994.jpg IMG_3001.jpg
  8. the ribera seems alot smaller than the speedy 25. but i am surprise at how much it can fit in. those pictures really help. thank u so much, melocoton. :smile:
    actually i am planning to get the croisette. but my hubby thinks it is too big. he says 'do u really need such a big bag?' haha.. coz normally what i carry is a wallet, a handphone and a pack of tissue. don't really carry much stuff out even to shopping. but i am about 167cm height, weight 60kg(hoping 4 50kg in future). would i look silly carrying this small ribera ?? :biggrin:
  9. I'm about the same height and weight as you and love carrying the Ribera Mini. It's my go-to bag when it's raining or snowing. I have received several compliments on it since I purchased it in the spring. Of all my LV bags, this one was my BF's favorite.
  10. i have a damier mini ribera and i love it, it's such a cute bag.
    the store at crown casino here in melb have a SO mono mini ribera and a ribera MM. i still think the damier looks better though. but for those who likes to have something different .:smile:
  11. anyone of u can post some modelling pictures of u and the mini ribera...
    please please please~~~ :biggrin:

    oh, and how much is the mono ribera??
  12. The mono ribera is special order, so the regular price + 30% markup if it gets approved.
  13. Is it special order everywhere? What do you mean by if it gets approved?:confused1:
  14. Not all special orders get approved. The boutique needs to send your request in first; they don't take your order and send it to France right away where they being to make it right away. So, you can't special order a vernis Ribera and they'll make it right away. The special order dept. needs to approve it first (in this case they won't because you can't SO anything in vernis except the bucket).

    And yes it's special order every where. There are no exclusive special orders for different places...well...maybe Japan, but I am 100% certain the Riberas are special order everywhere in monogram.
  15. ribera owners... please post some modelling pictures ya. :smile: i am still waiting..