ribera... summer bag?

  1. Basically for this year, I decided I'm going to get three bags, plus one for work.

    Azur pochette before my trip
    one shoulder
    one handheld

    I'm still debating over shoulder, if i should get the little stam or not.
    for the handheld I was thinking mini ribera, but is it wise to get it now with spring now upon us? should I wait until the end of july (my birthday) and get it then in time for fall?
  2. I think Damier can work for all seasons! It can add some "order" to an otherwise care-free look.
  3. I think it's fine for any season! I'm not going to stop using a bag because of a season. =P
  4. I agree... Damier Canvas can be used all year long.
  5. I have the damier ribera mini and that little thing is such a darling little bag!! I only use it for special occasion and for a night out. It's too small to use as an everyday bag. You can use the ribera mini for any season.
  6. damier canvas can be used all year long...doesn't matter what season ;) I use my damier speedy since summer til autumn in Australia
  7. Definitely agree :yes: the mini is so small that i use it as a substitute for a clutch because essentially it will only fit a little cles, or a little wallet ( don't think koala will fit ) a mobile and some beauty fix. It's super cute though.
  8. I also think Damier can be used for all seasons!
  9. koala will fit in it...

  10. i go duomo over ribera. cuter handles and attachments.
  11. :yes: Ribera - Damier is fine for all seasons even rainy & snowy days
  12. i have the ribera & it is very cute!!! i wish it were a little bit bigger though
  13. get the stam and a damier duomo!! very classy bag
  14. I think anything you want to carry at any time if fine- all those rules about white after Labor Day, match your shoes & bag, and season's for bags don't exist any more.
    But the fashion folks may have you think so, because they want your money.
  15. I think the ribera is a great all year round bag.