Ribera MM

  1. What do you think of the Ribera MM. I love the look but is it too similar to the Speedy. :confused1:
  2. It's more elegant than the Speedy.
  3. At first, I was torn between the Duomo and the Ribera. However, with the help of fellow TPF members, I decided on the Duomo as it has a more classic style. I agree with you that it looks too much like a (structured) speedy for a tune of $400 more??? I'd rather get the speedy if that's the case, the damier is TDF!
  4. I would get this instead of the damier speedy.
  5. I love the Ribera but yes, I do think it is very similar in shape to the Speedy.
  6. I have been considering this bag myself. I don't think it is like the speedy at all. It is a structured bag so there is no sag. I tried it on in the boutique and fell in love with it. I will definitely be purchasing it this year.
  7. I like the Ribera, but I like the doumo better.
  8. I love the Duomo- gorgeous shape. I also like the Nolita- have you checked that one out?
  9. i have the ribera and i was actually torn between the ribera and the doumo but after talking to a couple SA's my mind was quickly made up. first let me say i don't think the ribera looks like the speedy and secondly the duomo seemed a little unisex in my opinion. i could easily visualize a man coming down an escalater with the duomo in hand. i prefer the ribera because its more feminine in my opinion but to each his own. good luck
  10. Its def different but more curvey. Also like the duomo b/c of the simlar shape.
  11. it's a lil on the big side for me, but if u're tall enough it'll look great!
  12. The ribera is such a pretty bag, I like it better than the speedy.
  13. I am biased.. the Ribera MM is my first LV and I LOVE it. Was looking at the Ribera mini but am so happy I went with the MM. I don't think it looks too much like the speedy.. Much rounder shape.
  14. i like the speedy better than the ribera. it looks kinda like a mushroom in a little way.
  15. Ribera is cute...I have the mini version. I prefer Ribera MM over Damier Speedy....it's not as common. :idea: