Ribera MM or mini? Is the MM sized like the speedy 30?

  1. :confused1: hmm
  2. I don't know about the MM but the mini is seriously SMALL! LOL I was actually thinking about it until i saw it at the store.
  3. Ribera MM's size is almost the same as Speedy 30s except its structured.
  4. yup, just like knn said, it's a more structured (not saggy) bag, the size of the speedy. the ribera has a zipper along the sides unlike speedy which zips only on top.

    in fact when i went to the boutique yesterday, a woman was looking for the damier speedy but walked out with the ribera... her fashion look seemed more structured so the ribera looked better on her.
  5. Nice. I didn't even think to check the sizing against the Speedy 30.