Ribera MM or Damier Speedy? Need help ladies!

  1. :nuts: Hello ladies,
    I just wanted to show you this bag that I was interested in purchasing, but I am in a rut, since I am intending to get the damier speedy when it comes out. Here are my questions,
    1) Should I buy the Ribera mm or Speedy or Both?
    2) Is the Ribera huge! I am only 5'5 so I don't want to carry luggage. Note: I love big bags, like speedy 30 size, so if ribera is that size I won't mind.
    3)What do you think? authentic? rebeccalou28, is she a good mypoupette seller?

    Thank you ladies!:love: :love: :love:
  2. I haven't bought from Rebecca but I think she is a really good seller from what I have seen.

    Good luck!
  3. Not sure on the seller but I bought a Ribera MM..that thing is gi-normous!! I felt like I was carrying a piece of luggage everywhere I went but I am 5'2 w/ a petite frame too. I would say go for the Damier Speedy! I think the size is more suited for us but that's just MHO.
  4. If you can do both, get both. Both area beautiful bags! I'd go with the Speedy first though.
  5. Love2shop, I don't know where do you live, but the price on the LV website is almost 100 USD more than the one posted at Ebay... perhaps is an idea to go directly to the shop and try the styles???
    Just my 2 cents...
  6. Had you thought of the Duomo? It's like a speedy but more structured and has alot of detail stitching and brass trimming.
    I think the ribera is more bulky and I just love the duomo style. I'm getting it anyday and if I think I'm right about the size and style, I won't need another speedy(I have the epi 30 speedy).The only thing its a little more pricey-1210.00 US- BUT it should last a lifetime, and I can pass it to my 20 year old daughter!
  7. Rebecca is a lovely person and wonderful to deal with. If you choose to work with her you will have no problems !

    I would not get both the Damier Ribera and the Damier Speedy if it were up to me. I have wanted the Ribera for the longest time but never got around to getting it. Then I got the Damier Speedy. They are both great bags, but they are both hand held bags and there was no way I could justify having both. The Ribera is much more structured as well and a bit larger. I think the best idea would be, if you could, to go to the store and try on both. The Ribera might end up being too large for you unless you like carrying very large bags. I know a lot of women who love the ribera but got the mini Ribera because the MM is so big.

    Good Luck !
  8. Ribera!!!:love:
  9. I say get the damier speedy. I think the Ribera MM is very big and looks more like a suitcase.
  10. I agree. It's a lovely bag, but I love the way the Speedy looks in Damier :love:
  11. I prefer the style of the ribera, but if you think the ribera may be too big, then it'd probably be better for you to go with the damier speedy.
  12. Thank you ladies! I think I am going to go for it! I haven't bought a bag for sooooo long. I am student so most of my cash go towards tuition and misc....I have seen the ribera on other people but I LOVE big bags, hopefully this ribera bag won't be too big!
    Note: I am going to get the damier speedy too! *shhhh*
  13. Get BOTH!! :biggrin:
  14. hahah I will! hopefully!:weird: I will be sure to post pics!