Ribera Mini

  1. Hello all-
    I've recently (as in today) fallen for the Ribera mini, though I haven't tried it on. I don't think this bag will fit on my shoulder, but I wanted to check with y'all and see. The closest LV is almost an hour away. I'm wanting a smaller bag (but not tiny) that could be durable enough to take with me when I go out -hence the preference for damier. I am particularly fond of a rounded shape to contrast with the angular damier pattern. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you!
  2. The Ribera mini will definitely not fit over your shoulder. It's a lovely bag and I was thinking of getting it too. When I went into the boutique and tried it on, the shape looks kind of odd IMO. But whenever I see it in a picture, I fall in love with it again LOL.

    I'd include the following bags into the consideration:
    Epi Jasmin
    Papillon 26
    Viva-cite MM
  3. it's a handheld...it will be the perfect bag for a night's out! on the other hand, i suggest the belem pm...it has a highly structured and unique shape, and can fits lots more than the ribera mini!
  4. I doubt it would fit over your shoulder. It's pretty small!
  5. ^^IA... It a perfect mini handbag and not meant for the shoulder and the Belem would be a better choice. What about the Duomo?
  6. I agree with Pinki..go with the Duomo!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies. It willl be awhile until I can get any of them since my husband has me on a no-purses-until-I-actually-have-the-cash-for-them plan.
  8. Def. too small for a daily bag, but cute for going out :smile:
  9. I own 2 and it's not for shoulder :yes: even sometimes too small to put on arm but nice as evening bag ( I saw a woman match it with black-mini-dress yesterday night )... Thought sarria mini & belem PM more roomy ( I've belem MM & it's really cute, unique shape & roomy enough, just check for it :heart: )
  10. Ribera Mini=DEFINATELY handheld
    Duomo should fit over your shoulder, my gf's sister uses it as a shoudler bag!
  11. Hi, how about manosque PM?
  12. how about the Pap 26?