Ribera Mini or Batignolles Horizontal?

  1. Ribera Mini or Batignolles Horizontal?

    Am so troubled which to choose.. I have a number of handcarry bags and a few shoulder carry bags. Just that am in love with the small cute design of ribera and also in love with bati horizontal which i can throw alot of rubbish in my bag...

    Any comments? Tks, ladies!
  2. I prefer the BH:yes:
  3. i saw the riberia today and its sooo sweet but imo just too small so i say the bh xx
  4. I too would go for the BH.
  5. Wow... two completely different bags!:smile: The Ribera Mini is cute, but if you already have lots of handbags and are looking for a shoulder bag, I'd go for the BH. It's a great looking bag.
  6. I think it depends if you want something hand held or over the shoulder. I also feel the BH is more casual.
  7. I say go for the BH!!!!!!
  8. The BH is a great all purpose shoulder bag. But the damier mini ribera is so darn :rolleyes: cute. I vote for the ribera! :tender:
  9. Tow totally different bags!!!

    the Re mini is SMALL to say the least.

    So i guess it depends on what your reason for the bag is ... If you're just looking for an occassional bag i'd go for the reb mini, if you're looking for something for everyday i'd go for the BH.
    Also it depends on how much you carry?

  10. I'd say BH if you have a lot of hand carry bags already. Shoulder bags are more convenient imo.
  11. I adore the ribera mini (and want one myself), but it is a small bag. If a small hand-held bag is what you need, then I would recommend going for the ribera. However, if you want a shoulder bag and have to carry a lot of stuff, then go for the BH.
  12. BH!
  13. lol..I was on the same boat few months ago...Finally, I bought both ( Ribera first,then BH) ;D
  14. BH dahling!
  15. Bh!