Ribbons and Hammered Gold

  1. Hi there! Recently I've become more interested in jewelry shopping than handbag shopping and i really love the look of layered and hammered gold, as well as the paved ribbon look that Vera Wang does

    I've encountered ippolita.com and jennifer meyer jewelry but i was wondering if any of you all knew of any other jewelry designers that do that kind of textured metal look with engrained and scattered diamonds.

    Same with ribbon themed jewelry.. i just know of vera wang who does this. take a look at these beauties..
    ippo.jpg ippolita.jpg verawang.JPG jenmeyer.JPG
  2. Those bow stud earring are stunning! Wow I'd love to wear a pair of those :love:
  3. I love the earring, especially! I'm partial to white gold or platinum and the style of these earrings really catches my eye!
  4. i love ippolita jewelry!
  5. I love those rings! And I love any kind of hammered/textured metal. :smile: