ribbit...ribbit (froggy cell phone lanyard!)

  1. I've been eyeing cell phone lanyards ever since I found out Razr's have a lanyard loop (duh!) and found this cutie :tup::

  2. that is cute!
  3. very cute! congrats!
  4. That's adorable! Love that little froggie!!
  5. Thanks, gals! It took an intense amount of self-control to not purchase the froggy key chain today too, but I feel that it's a losing battle and I am sure to return for that as well (sigh)...:rolleyes:
  6. I'm fighting the opposite losing battle. I bought the Mr. Squishy Frog keyring when he came out and now I need the lanyard. I'm using an adorable metal Coach grasshopper right now.
  7. Cute!
  8. I love it!!! When I bought my horseshoe lanyard I saw Mr. Frog and just LOVED him!! Looks great on your phone!