Ri2K bags

  1. I was interested today to see some of the bags in John Lewis.

    I was really impressed with the quality, and if I was in need of another handbag, I would certainly give a couple of these a go.

    Not sure what you think of them, I only learned of John Richmond from an ad in a glossy mag some time ago, which started me looking round for Ri2K.

    I also think the padlock (large dark one) is particularly gorgeous, saw it in real today, and it really is gorgeous. It is a lot cheaper on the website below, than John Lewis.

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  2. I really like Ri2K bags and think Tula are also in the same quality and price brackets, I think they are quite underrated.
  3. I saw Tula as well, they also looked good.

    The Ri2K bag, caught my eye, because of the chain, wasn't until my eyes got close to the padlock I noticed the name.

    The online pic, may make the bag look tacky but to be perfectly honest, quality wise and looking at it close up, it really was gorgeous.

    Only disappointing thing about the whole display, was several badly scuffed bags, which is so sad, and probably a reason why some stores keep them behind glass.