Rhuthenium Hardware

  1. Exactly how much darker is this than palladium? A shade, two shades? And is it true that it's been discontinued? Thanks all!
  2. I was in a store today and asked this question; the SA said that they are still receiving items in ruthenium, so at least to their knowledge, no...
  3. As far as my SA knows it is not discontinued. Check out the members items because I believe that there are some pictures there.
  4. buckles.jpg
  5. Ruthenium is really growing on me. THe more i see it on bags, the more I love it!
  6. Whatever ruthenium that is still coming into the store are from the past seasons' orders. No NEW orders for ruthenium can be placed. Hope this helps.
  7. Chocolat Chaud has posted in a thread in Hermes Shopping that they have placed a kelly SO in Paris and have been told no more ruthenium for birkins or kellys. I think it's too hard to work with. :sad:
  8. wow, thanks ladies. i guess that solves my dilemma... :p

    such a shame too, this hardware is VERY pretty.
  9. Discontinued?? :crybaby: It's my favorite hardware. I have a Hapi bracelet with a ruthenium buckle...love it! :heart:
  10. me too, Crochet....that red lizard with ruth. sounds DIVINE!
  11. i believe stores round the world are still receiving hardware in Ruthenium is only because orders were placed last year for this Printemp Ete 2007 (ordering in July/August 2006 and deliveries between March, April to May...). It was the Leather Manager from Paris Magasin who told me regarding to this problems that they had encountered. And which she wouldnt even accept in using this hardware color for my new order. Instead, she proposed and i agree to use a brushed palladium with my Graphite shell/ lined in Gris 2 toned birkin 40 cm for this year special order.
  12. i'm lucky that i have an Etoupe with Ruthenium Hardware in a Birkin 40cm, the color is super divine especially when it matches with all shades of dark colors leather!
  13. Chocolat Chaud (love your TPF name!), your Etoupe Birkin must be fabulous wih ruthenium hardware. It the ultimate neutral bag!
  14. rats. i wanted to order ruthenium hardware on a raisin kelly.
  15. When I placed my podium order last month it was for Ruthenium hardware....both the SA and the store manager seemed to think it was available. Perhaps they hadn't been advised yet? Rats...now I'll have to change my order (for a black Birkin)