Rhoda has an operation tomorrow

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  1. My puppy Rhoda (well, 8 years old, but puppy to me:love: ) will have to have an operation tomorrow to have a tumor on her teets removed. It's a pretty big tumor, she's had a couple small ones before, and the operation will take ca. 2 hrs. The vet is not too concerned that it could be cancer but of course there is still a risk.
    I am pretty calm about it all but it nevertheless feels good to share with you guys!

    So send good wishes and vibes!!! Thank you!!!
  2. Sending you all our best thoughts and wishes, Rhoda!
  3. Thanks HG, you're so sweet!!!
  4. awwwwwwwwwwwww i'll be praying so hard for Rhoda :heart:

    get well soon :heart: ... *hugz hello2703*
  5. Best wishes and prayers!!!:heart:
  6. I hope all goes well for Rhoda and she is back home with you very soon after the op.
  7. Sending many good thoughts your way! Big hugs to Rhoda!
  8. Saying a prayer for you and Rhoda.
  9. I'm sending prayers for a good outcome for Rhoda (love that name for a dog!).
  10. Sending my prayers to you and Rhoda!
  11. Happy thoughts and prayers for Rhoda :heart: Please keep us posted.
  12. I hope everything turns out all right for Rhoda and she has a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers go out to you as well.
  13. fingers crossed for all to come out well -- hugs to both of you from me, and big doggie kisses from jeter who is sending his best anti-cancer vibes.
  14. Best wishes & prayers for Rhoda's speedy recovery C! Please keep us posted! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  15. Hugs, kisses, wishes and prayers coming to you and Rhoda from S'Mom, Muffin and Leo!!!!!! Keep us posted, Hello.....................