Rhinoplasty, v-line and zygoma reduction in banobagi

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  1. is banobagi a good for rhinoplasty, v-line and zygoma reduction?
  2. They are no different than hundreds of other clinics. Go to a few, and find the one you feel most comfortable with.
  3. I just got quoted
    V-line and zygoma reduction: 14,000,000 KRW
    Nose is 6,050,000 KRW for osteotomy rhinoplasty
    1,320,000 KRW for alar reduction
    This is from banogabi. Is this too expensive? Is there any way to bargain down the price with them?
  4. Hi > Banobagi seems like expensive , I got from them :
    The average price for Face contouring surgery : about 18,000,000 KRW
    The average price for Double jaw surgery: 22.950.000 KRW
  5. What is the difference between doing facial contouring surgery and doing v-line & zygoma reduction surgery?
  6. I guess it's the same but I did not understand why we have different prices ...
  7. Hmm... When are you going to Korea?
  8. in a couple of weeks will understand my schedule and I will buy tickets , I guess in late September or early October.
  9. It can be wrong but I ready that banonagi changes the doctors in the surgery room?
    There's other clinics that has participated in the Let Me In; yes they have nice before and after but reading that they change doctors...its a bit...
  10. I heard from people on this blog that banobagi switches doctors or something, is this true?? D:
  11. i met Dr Oh in Banobagi , he is really nice , but i didn't like the consultant , very rude and pushy , i don't know how to decide whether to choose them or not
  12. it is always scary to think that they will switch doctor in surgery room , and you end up having surgery by a " ghost doctor " , are there any clinic that gaurentee no ghost doctor and give good results?
  13. I have heard that Banobagi is well known for a clinic which switches doctors in secret. Ive visited Banobagi to have consultation, but it was not that bad in my opinion.
    Well but after I heard about ghost doctor, I thought Im very lucky that I didn't choose there to have surgery.
    Even if there will no isssue of having surgery by ghost doctors, I just dislike their mind which deceives and takes advantage of patience just for their benefit.
  14. May I know where did you hear that banobagi switches doctors? I'm interested in getting surgeries done and banobagi is on my list. Thank you!