Rhinoplasty retracted alars

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  1. 2 days post op. I had surgery to fix my drooping nasal tip and dorsal bump.
    I like how my nose looks from the front so far...for the most part (it's a bit piggy, but I head this is due to swelling and the tip should drop a bit...I hope)
    but from the side, my alars look retracted? or stretched really...like almond shaped, not a good look. Could this be due to swelling too?? I still have the splint and tape, etc, so maybe this could be really contributing?? I really hope this isn't the final look...
    I always had retracted alars but not this bad...And it still seems so..big? over projected?

    Ah, I can't even see how the bridge looks yet, maybe I'm freaking out too early.
    Any insight?
  2. It's swollen and it will get better everyday. I'm a year out and it took a long time for me. I feel I still have some swelling. Everyone heals differently. No worries.
  3. My best friend had a rhinoplasty, not the one where they break the bone, just tip work basically, and it took a full year to stop changing and heal. She was paranoid that there was more swelling on one side for a long time distorting her nostrils, but in the end her nose is perfect.

    So I'd give it time and try to be patient.
  4. 2 days is too soon to worry imho I have heard it can take months
  5. Thanks, yeah now that the swelling is going down it's looking much better already. :smile:
  6. Can i ask, what doctor did your rhino?
  7. So, now your nose is getting better? Please share your experience. :smile:
  8. @cherishbaby yeah, it's definitely getting much better over time. Like everyone said, I guess these things just take a while. I think I probably had somewhat retracted alars to begin with, and I'm just noticing them now that the hump and other parts of my nose that used to bother me more are gone. Still, looking back at pictures of my nose from before, it's still sooo much of an improvement.

    @nanhemay I ended up getting mine done in S. Korea. (At Dream P.S. with Dr. Park)
    I looked at a few doctors in my area in the U.S. and near my school in Japan but...:/
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