Rhinoplasty/nose job questions

  1. I will be getting my nose done within the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone that has had this procedure done has any advice. TIA, I really appreciate it.
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  2. I haven't had it done but I worked for a plastic surgeon and have seen many done! I recommend taking arnica (available at a health food store) 1 week before and after your proceedure...check with your doctor first of course...this will minimize bruising. Stock up on protein shakes & straws because you won't feel like chewing much food and the protein will speed recovery. Buy a small bag of petite peas to use as an ice pack. The pain from a nose job is minimal...the worst thing is the packing and they'll take it out the next day. Enjoy your new nose!!!
  3. I had mine done in April............Best money i have ever spent, would do it a millions times over!!!......my pain was basically zero, the procedure went sooo much easier then i expected.....the packaging is a little uncomfortable but nothing undealable........alot of people so take arnica, but my surgeon recommend me NOT to, so you really need to check with him/her

    few tips:

    buy a wedge pillow for sleeping the first week or so......i slept elevated for about a month afterwards.

    have a friend/family member there for you at least the first 48 hours, you will not be able to do much (bend over, etc.) and to wash your hair, you probably wont be able to that, yourself for about a week

    lots of water, you will be sooo thristy..dry crackers to help with any nasueasa

    Place anything you may need at hip level so that you have no need to reach or bend down. This means canned and dry goods in the kitchen and toiletries in the bathroom.

    Have a few comfortable oversized shirts that open from the front on hand, as well as some sweat pants or pajama bottoms. This way you don't have to struggle with pulling garments over your head.

    If you have long hair, a few scrunchies are great to put your hair back with to keep it out of your face, unknotted and out of the way.
    Black out your windows so that when you do get to sleep - regardless of the hours - you can stay asleep.
    Just in case the lights go out, have a flash light on your nightstand. (you DO NOT want to bang into anything)

    hmmmm...im sure i will think of more......any questions, feel free to PM me

    Good Luck!!!
  4. I was thinking of getting this done also. Im scared of being put to sleep and can they do it without putting to sleep or taking any narcotics. I throw up every time I have been given demerol and percocet etc... even in low doses. Can you breathe with the packing. Im worried about that also.. How long before your nose looks normal? what should average cost be.
  5. WOW! I've never had or considered a nose job, but DanielleNY's advice sounds really good - it seems to cover all those little things you wouldn't think about until after it's too late LOL

    I just wanted to say that you could try a search in the Health and Fitness forum - there's been plenty about cosmetic surgery in these, from boob jobs to asian eyelid operations!
  6. I have been wanting to get my nose done but scared of what my nose might look like afterwards. I am also looking for a good surgeon to do the deed but one that doesn't charge like $20,000 for a nose job.
  7. hmm... I'm interested too... I haven't really searched for anything yet cuz my mom forbids me....lol...so i don't know much. What would be the price if I decide to go for the BEST (or above average) surgeon in Montreal Canada? (I know the US prices can be insane, so I presume the job would be more reasonable in Canada...)
    Also I've had my nose broken before and I have a bump, would the insurance pay for some of it if there's a medical reason for it?
  8. It takes a full year for all the swelling to go down and even after that you'll notice a difference. I was devastated for about the first 6 months after mine because it looked chubby but I love it now. Also if you get it done during a humid climate season, expect that swelling will take longer to go down, so don't freak out.

    Any other advice I'm sure the doctor has told you, don't move around a lot... no serious physical activity like exercise or sex. and don't pick your nose... lol.

    also don't do anything too drastic. like if it's just a bump you want to get rid of, just do that and nothing else. that's really all i wanted done, and my nose was kind of long so my doctor lifted it a bit which I'm not that happy about, but I definitely like the overall outcome better than before.

    with that said, i would just go over numerous times with your doctor to make sure what u want is what he's going to give you. just communicate and make sure you see eye to eye before you go into the operating room. because it can't be undone and i haven't had a second job, but i've never seen a second procedure on anyone that looked natural or nice.

    also if you're a scaredy cat like me, request to have the instruments covered when they bring you in, until you're asleeping :biggrin:
  9. I had mine done twice. Feel free to PM me anyone!

    Some tips and things I've learned are:

    -Q-Tips are your best friend, very important.
    -Use bags of frozen peas for your face, they mold to your face better than an ice-pack
    -DON'T over do yourself, especially if you feel "great" the same day or next day. The first time I had it done I didn't take it easy the first day since I thought I felt great, and I really felt it the 2nd day.
    -Average cost depends on the Dr and the area you live in.
    -I was scared of the anesthesia but I was fine both times.
    -What you see right away is NOT what your nose is going to look like.
    -Be aware that scar tissue MAY grow, and it is common.
    -The bruising is pretty bad if you get your nose broken to remove a bump. If you only get work on your tip, the recovery time is a lot shorter.

    I went to an ENT/Plastic Surgeon. I felt comfortable that he had enough knowledge of the nose, compared to a few regular plastic surgeons I met with.
    I'll never forget the first shower I was allowed to take after my first surgery. It was like heaven! I look in the mirror now and I am finally happy with what I see. It fits me so well that I feel like I've looked like this all of my life.
  10. OH! No one told me about the dissolving stitches or exactly where they would be and when I would clean my nose with a q-tip I thought it was dried blood I would try to clean them out! so be careful!!!

    Also your sense of smell will be wacked after you get the packing out. it's not an infection or anything, just your mucus (spelling?) will smell kind of funny to you so don't worry.
  11. My Dr. told me about them, but it was odd when they'd be hanging out of my nose lol. One of my stitches actually popped INSIDE my skin. Long story but my Dr. said it happens to about 1 person a year. Unfortunately that person was ME.

    I also forgot to add to the OP, one of the worst parts for me was getting the regular stitches out. It really isn't that painful of a surgery...it's almost like having a sinus infection.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in Florida?
  13. I had my nose done probably almost 15 years ago and I've never once regretted it. I always hated my nose before I had it done. I don't remember any pain at all, but I took the pain pills as soon as I got home and slept through a lot of the recovery. The worst part I remember is having to breath through my mouth and after a few days of laying around the house I got sort of depressed. It pretty much wiped me out. I also couldn't wash my own hair for at least a week because I couldn't get my face wet.

  14. I had my stiches out by a nurse and it sort of hurt. But she forgot one. So I had to come back and my actual surgeon did it. Instead of using tiny scissors like the nurse did he took it out with a scalpel. It sort of scared me at first seeing him come at me with that thing but I didn't feel a thing!
  15. Im also interested and still considering in getting a nose job in the future. Although, Im very hesistant because it can change the shape of your face and Im afraid of any regrets -but I still can't get it out of my mind!

    Great to read this post though and please continue sharing any experiences you girls and guys might have!