Rhinoplasty + DES Clinics in Korea

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm going to Korea in November to undergo rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery. Banobagi was on the top of my list to undergo these procedures but after some research it seems that Banobagi might not be the best option for rhinoplasty and double eyelid. My next option was Regen as I heard they do good rhinoplasty. Does anyone have reviews on Regen?
    My mum also has a Korean friend who suggested Yonsei enb plastic surgery however I can't find a single review on them. Does anyone know of this clinic?
    Also some other clinic suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you!
  2. I recommend you visit at least 3 clinics for a consult, making the appointments before you arrive. I would say you can only visit 2 clinics a day, so it'll take a day and a half for the consults. Regardless of which 3 clinics you choose to visit, imo, visit one of the big ones..like Wonjin.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I was considering to only consult with Banobagi and Regen as I'll only be there for a short time but it would definitely be better to consult with more clinics. Do have an opinion on big clinics vs smaller clinics? I'm wary of the probability of shadow doctors when it comes to bigger clinics however Regen has a reputable reputation which makes me feel assured that this case won't happen. Any input for clinics specialising in Rhinoplasty and DES is much appreciated!
  4. Don't let the big clinics scare you. They are big for a reason. I always recommend visiting at least one large clinic. Be aware that most if not all clinics will give you a hard sell once you go for a consult. So, bring a friend to help you walk out. Regardless of the hospital, each surgeon has their own artistic eye and style. Go with the one who creates the nose or eyes you're looking for.
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  5. You hit it on the head gobeautysave. I've gone to Korea once before to do eyes and nose. I ended up going to a big famous clinic. You need to find a clinic whose style you want to achieve for sure. Someone might give Regen really good reviews, but they probably want a more natural look. If you're looking for a really animated "fakey" (I don't mean that in a derogatory way) look then it's probably not the place for you. My biggest advice is to know exactly what you want. I think that was my mistake the first time, hence why I'm going to Korea again. I'm not unhappy because it was a botched job, I'm just not satisfied with the result because I wasn't specific enough.
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  6. Hi Tinzy! Did you go for a more natural look the first time? If so, did you really see a difference? I'm still in the midst of deciding if I want to go for a more natural look or opt for the more dolly like look. With the more natural looks there seems to be no noticeable difference. I want to see a difference however I don't want it to look too "fake".
  7. Hi ohaiolos, this was my paranoia the first time around too. Yes, I did ask for a natural look because I didn't want to be one of those painfully plastic looking girls. However, you can still have a dramatic change without looking so fake. You and your doctor just need to strike a balance. I hear this often happens with ppl who go in for breast augmentation. A large majority of girls who are afraid of looking too top heavy end up going conservative, but in the end they regret not going bigger!
  8. That is true! I was having a hard time deciding but I'm now leaning more towards the more dramatic change however, since I am still young I'm scared I may want a more natural look in future. Do you have any recommendations/opinions on clinics that provide a more dramatic look?
  9. By dramatic look do you mean a Barbie upturned nose? I'm also looking for a clinic like that. Item seems to do them. Also Braun. oreocream got hers done at View, and she said the result was really nice, you could ask her what they did :smile:
  10. Hello! I don't think the Barbie upturned nose would suit me :sad: I'm after a more defined nose bridge with a nice tip. I'm now considering DA for rhinoplasty, have you any opinions on them? :smile:
  11. You mean the straight nose? :smile:


    I'm considering DA for facial contouring because I'm doing that first. I heard the rhino doctor isn't so good, though. MVP has some good reviews for rhino, but I'm not sure if they do the style you could check them out

  12. um... actually.... consultation with many clinics is time wasting. i would like to recommend just pick several(2~3) clinics only. in case of my friends, sha said she gonna have surgery after 10 more consultation. we are forigner.. have no enough time right...? in case of my friends, she had surgery at View but she had to prolong her stay in korea eventhough she started to work. she spent her time just on consultation not considering recovery time.....
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