Rhinoplasty Before Facial Contouring or Facial Contouring First?

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  1. Hi everyone! I apologize in advance if this question is irrelevant/nonsense. I've read through some threads that it's wiser to do facial contouring before rhinoplasty due to the shape of the face vs nose etc, but I was wondering if this is usually the case for everyone? For those of you that did both, did you choose facial contouring (square jaw surgeries etc) before rhinoplasty? I think I might want to the alar base reduction during my first trip to Korea and wait a few years for facial contouring since I'm 21 (scared of sagging, unsure if my face is still growing <--LOL probably nonsense but I feel as though my face is getting more square as time goes by T____T). But if anyone could contribute to this topic, it would be extremely helpful! Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Hello Chloefinds,

    Most of my friends does facial contouring first then rhinoplasty if they choose different clinics. They usually wait for 1 to 2 weeks later then do rhinoplasty depends on clinic approval. But if you choose the same clinic for both procedures then you should do it in same day. And your reasons are right. But alar base reduction is fairly a simple procedure, it can be done under local anesthesia where you are still awake. Some of my friends actually are brave enough to do that. ahahah
  3. Do facial contouring first, then rhinoplasty about a week later. That was what I did and I actually went to two different clinics for the procedures. But the rhinoplasty was a simple revision for me.