rhinestone fell of off sunglasses...

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  1. hello...i just noticed that a rhinestone has come out of my sunglasses...dont know the style off the top of my head, but they have little butterflies made out of 4 oval shaped crystals. it is reallllyyyyy bothering me...:cursing:

    do you think they will replace them with a similar pair or is it time to just suck it up??:crybaby:

  2. Take them to your boutique and show it to them. They should be able to send them in to be repaired. Not sure if they will charge you anything, but see what they say. I just took mine in to be repaired due to my own stupidity (left them in my purse unprotected and one of the lenses got all scratched up). It cost me $30 to have them fixed (well worth it considering what they cost me originally).
  3. christylou, was it $30 plus the $20 to send it back for repairs or just $30 all together?
  4. go to the boutique. they will either send them in for repair or give you new ones. i just went to take mines back because the rhinestones were very dull and the SA replaced them with the new ones.
  5. I would take them to your boutique and see what they can do. I had this happen to my Taryn sunnies where one of the beads on the side fell out and I brought it to the boutique. Because it was a current style, I was able to exchange it for a new pair. If your sunglasses are an older style that is no longer being sold, you may be able to send it in for repair or they might give you credit. Good luck!
  6. $30 total. But this sounds more like a defect in the product, so I can't imagine they would charge you for the repair.
  7. thanks for the advice!!