Rhea's Growing Collection!

  1. Since I've Retired from singing until after I have my baby, my purse buying has been haulted for now. I've sold some of my purses on eBay to pay off some credit cards, :sad: But, I kept my absolute favorite bags!:wlae:. I have to go take pictures (tomorrow), but here is what I can show you now.

    My Diaper Bag-Juicy

    My Coach Patchwork

    My Dooney

  2. Nice collection!
  3. i love your juicy diaper bag! you're a cool mom.
  4. Great juicy diaper bag and collection.
  5. Thanks! I looove my Diaper Bag! My mom thinks it gaudy-but I don't care! LOL! It's different! LOL!

    Okay, here's more!

    Here's Both Dooney's

    My other coach! I love this one also, I"ve had it a while now!

    My Gucci and Wallet.

    Here's the full collection. (I don't know if you can see my Juicy Couture Wristlet (It's silver and shaped like a heart!) It's really great for going to amusement parks!) LOL!

  6. Thanks For looking!
  7. I love the Dooney tote, so cute!
  8. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Here are my Coach Sneakers! (I live in these things!)

    My Juicy Wristlet

    Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses

    Gucci Sunglasses

    My mother's Day present, Juicy Crown Necklace, and Matching Earrings!
  10. Very nice collection-
  11. Thank You!
  12. The Juicy wristlet is toooo cute. :heart:
  13. Thanks! I love that one. No lie, I can fit my money, credit cards, bluetooth, Razr phone, and keys in that thing. It's such a meaty little piece!
  14. the juicy wristlet is adorable!!! thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  15. Cute collection!