rhea backpack

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  1. hey, anyone with a rhea backpack can you please post pics? the only threads i could find are old.

    would love to see peoples pics of the plain, grommet and stud styles!

    am waiting for coral studded one to arrive, but am thinking of getting a less out there colour instead like lilac, but cant decide between plain, grommet or stud! lol

    not that i know what to do with a backpack but anyway....
  2. I was waiting until I got mine to reply, and I did today and I absolutely LOVE IT. Will post pics shortly.
  3. Here are a couple of pics for now - this is the small size.


  4. Fab!!

    I had a rhea backpack in dusty rose and I loved it, but it was too small for me so I sold it off. I really wish MK made this in a size that was a little bigger.

    Here's another thread that has more pics. I really like the cornflower blue.

  5. I found a backpack at the outlet, looks like a plain rhea, they call it the Jet Set Backpack. I bought it in watermelon and I love it! The leather is thick and smooshy, lots of pockets inside and a front zip pocket as well. Best part, with discounts only $95!!!!!!!!
  6. mine came today! although i assume it was macys floor stock as the bottom corners are worn out! not too impressed and hoping that this doesnt make the bag get a hole in the bottom anytime soon.

    anyone know how to care for this leather? its also a bit dirty in spots, can i use leather cleaner on it or will it ruin it and will the MK leather protector work for it or will it make it absorb more dirt? lol have heard some horror stories (even thought i have non saffiano leather bags i always get scared before i put anything on it!)

    will try posting pics, keeps telling me theres an error/security risk or some rubbish :wacko:
  7. heres the pics. sorry forgot to rotate before i uploaded.

    this is the small coral one btw.

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  8. This is gorgeous but did it come with those marks?

    I have the same rhea as crissy11 & I'm obsessed with it. I even ordered another in ballet!!
  9. yes it did unfortunately :sad: and macys didnt have another one to ship out

  10. I'll watch your video tomorrow but as much as I loved the look of the XS it drove me crazy trying to get in and out and none of my accessories fit so I sent it back.