RH Work - straps

  1. they do NOT fit over the shoulder, correct? City straps don't fit on my shoulder, so the work won't either, right?
  2. What do you think of the Part Time RH handles? - I think the Work RH handles are probably pretty close to the same length as those.
  3. Actually they do! My anthrawork fits really well. I was dreading the whole breaking in my new bag thing and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to with this bag. It's so supple and the straps hang over my shoulder just as nicely as my worn in 05 teal. I think it depends on the bag. I had a 07 Truffle recently and the straps fit snug and needed to be broken in.

    But to answer your question, yes they are supposed to fit over the shoulder but probably not with a coat on unless you have skinny arms.
  4. hmm, then it might work. The RH PT "just" fits over my shoulder. think it would stretch if I put a 10 lb. weight in it? (the work that is)
  5. definitely encouraging then. Do you know if BalNY had more anthrawork's in?
  6. They did as of Monday.

  7. I just got the last one. :yahoo:
  8. Wow...you are rockin', girl! ;) Are you exchanging your sandstone PT?
  9. Yes, not buying, exchanging.
  10. :roflmfao: I was fixing to ask you if you won the lottery or something! CONGRATS!!
  11. Congrats on the forthcoming anthrawork!! :yahoo: Please post some pics in the AnthraClub thread when your new darling arrives.
  12. LOL, no I've only gotten this one that I hope to keep. The others as of late are all sold already.
  13. messengerbaglady - I found that the Parttime handles were longer than my indigo work.
  14. No kidding, circoit?!?! Interesting. I guess it is possible that the Work handles have gotten longer since the Indigo season, though...
  15. Hard to keep up - Can't wait to see the anthrawork ..... I was just starting to love your sandstone pt ...