RH Violet City in UK retailer - anyone interested?

  1. I've heard today that Cricket, Liverpool have now received my Violet RH City bag, which I pre-ordered from them in February. I haven't yet told them that I've already got one from Harrods so before I cancel my order and the bag goes on general sale, is there anyone here who would be interested? The bag costs £700, which is slightly cheaper than other UK retailers and they will post out, of course.
  2. :confused1:Any other violets there for sale, like gsh in a partime???:tup:
  3. I know that Cricket had GH City bags in violet about 4 weeks ago, but am unsure about whether these were SGH or GGH. Sorry. Perhaps give them a call? The store manager, Della is helpful and she'd be able to tell you if they had or were planning to get in any Part-time bags. Hope you find one. Good luck!