RH Violet City, 05 Bubblegum Pink Work, Planet, and Coin Purse Makes Me...

  1. a very bad, but very happy girl!
    I only had time to take photos of tassels and mirrors before the sun set, but of course I will be back with lots more.

    I will start with my thoughts on the Violet City. Even though in my photos of the Eggplant tassel with the Violet tassels the colors look very similar, in real life the Violet is definitely brighter than Eggplant. It is a real chameleon in different lighting, but the purple is a more vibrant hue than Eggplant.

    The tassels are super thin, but don't necessarily look fragile. As long as they hold up, and don't split or break, I can live with them being thin. The leather is definitely more distressed than the 04 and 05 bags, but not overly so, and not nearly as veiny as the 06 bags. The leather is also nice and thick, and I can totally tell it will only get better with use!

    I fell into an amazing deal on a mint Bubblegum Work yesterday, and I am still in shock over what I paid for it. The Work is a tad too big for my needs, but I could not pass the deal up, and I am sure I will find use for it! I also just purchased a BG Pink Planet (my first Planet ever), and a BG Pink Coin Purse (my first Coin Purse ever), both on eBay and both from two lovely pf-ers! It never fails that the best bags I find for sale on eBay are always owned by pf members!

    Here's a few pics for now....


    There are 7 tassels above and the one right in the middle is Eggplant.


    These are all my Violet tassels, and it was super nice having the extra tassels come out of their package not overly bent. With all my 04 and 05 bags it was a real hassle getting the kinks out of tassels that had been wrapped up for so long!


    And all my mirrors. I promise to be back with photos of my new bags, and new family photos too!
  2. wow Deana, every time I see your collection and photos... it never ceases to amaze me... I still :drool: everytime...
  3. :love:
    Here's some pictures of my new purchases, taken by the sellers....

    05 BG Pink Planet...


    And my new 05 BG Pink Coin Purse...


    And last but certainly not least, my 05 BG Pink Work...


    Somebody pinch me!!! I can't believe in one day I have gotten 3 unbelievable BG Pink items, and that I am now the proud owner of 3 BG Pink bags, and 2 BG Pink accessories!!!! I am sooooo happy!!!! Oh and I love my Violet City too!
  4. Deana- WOW WOW WOW

    what a score!!

    Cant wait for the violet pics!:love::love:

    Congrats girlie!!
  5. Oh WOW Deana!!:yahoo: Congratulations!!:party: They all sound soooooo yummy!:love: Can't wait to see pics!!!:tender: I'm so happy for you!!:heart:
  6. OMG, you just put the pics up when I wrote my response and I am :wtf::nuts::drool::love::heart:!!! Congratulations, sweety! Every single piece is TDF!!:yahoo:
  7. :party:
    Oh my god Marie and Lothlorien, can you guys believe it! You know how freaking crazy I am for BG Pink, I can't even put it in to words how fortunate I feel right now. I still can't believe it when I look at them. I am in total pink shock!!!
    Let's drink to pink!!!
    I think it was even worth me having to take my LV items off of my signature so I could list all the new pink ones!

    Bal bags seem to be like love. When you least expect it, and aren't looking for it, it comes along and clobbers you!!!
  8. Deana, all those bags were so meant to be yours! I always enjoy gawking at your divine pics. Thanks for posting!
  9. WOW Deana.....I can't wait to see full pics of the new city!!! And all that bubblegum deliciousness LOL
  10. OMG Deana :nuts: I'm speechless !! WOW what a 'pinky' day - I'm so happy for you :yahoo:!! You know I'm with you ;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bubblegum-pink bags as much and I really ADORE each one of your amazing collection :yes::tup:!! Well done sweety - I wish you could adopt me :p
  11. OHHH, I'm so happy for you Deana! I love all of your new purchases! I saw the BG pink items on eBay, and I'm so happy that you got them! You are the ultimate collector of pink, and these work so well with your collection!!!!!! :tup:
  12. SCORE!!!!!! Congrats Deana!!!! I saw those auctions and immediately thought of you.......so happy you were able to snag them!:yahoo:
  13. Do you use your mirrors?
  14. that BG pink looks amazing!
  15. Congrats congrats cOngrats... that work is in pristine shape!!!! :tup: